“Revenge Dressing” – How To Make Maximum Impact

revenge dressing
Revenge dressing. Because sometimes the temptation to knock the socks off our adversaries is too great.

Whether you’ve suffered a breakup, a parting of the way with a friend, or left a toxic workplace, most of us have at one point in our lives dressed to show someone just how absolutely drop dead gorgeous we have become, and how great our life is without them!

Sure, deep down we know that it’s not worth our energy, and that we shouldn’t even preoccupy our minds with whatever we left behind, but at the end of the day, we women engage in “revenge dressing” whether we like to admit it or not.

And not even the most highly-esteemed women in the world are immune. Case in point: The undisputed Queen of revenge dressing, Princess Diana, wore an incredibly sexy (but appropriate dress that fits in with all of our tips) to an event the night her estranged husband Prince Charles admitted to his infidelity on national television. Guess who was on the front page the next day? DIANA, not Charles. Way to go girl! Diana wrote the book on revenge dressing.

So if you’re in the position to dress for revenge, follow these 5 tips to ensure you leave your rival reeling.

revenge dressing princess diana

#1 – Stay Classy

Nothing too short, low cut, or inappropriate for your age.

A key theme you will notice in every single one of these points is that you don’t want to give the person any reason to say anything bad about you.

No doubt it’s tempting to go out and buy the shortest, backless, low cut, barely there dress to show off just how much of a hot thing you are, but this is NOT going to get you anywhere or anything – except mockery.

Don’t lower yourself and sell off your body just for someone you wouldn’t normally give the time of day to. Hold your head high and stay classy. What could they possibly say about that?

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