5 Items To Buy For Stand-Out Chic This Spring

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#3 – A not-so-conventional coloured sweater

Ok, I’m betting that every single one of you already have a sweater or ten in your wardrobe, am I right? I’m also betting that the colours fall in a cue of black, white and grey – I’m right again aren’t I? Well, whether you’re a guilty monochrome enthusiast or not – I’m bringing you the possibility of investing in the likes of colour, but not your conventional tones. Try a cashmere-blend sweater in khaki or burgundy – or mix it up even more so by adding a print. Because, the truth is – sweaters are here to stay, however, adopting unique colourways will ensure that yours are well and truly in style – season in and season out.


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Feldon Sweater by Topshop Unique

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