How To Go Shopping Without Any Cash!


Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, whilst we may be a little way off finding out how to *literally* go shopping for free, paying for your purchases has certainly become pretty dream-like thanks to contactless payment technology available via Optus Pay.

Powered by Visa Paywave, with Optus Pay you can now hit the shops or grab a coffee on the go without the need to carry cash or plastic credit/debit cards. This means you can purchase anything from a pair of culottes to a coffee without having to take your wallet with you! Using one of several devices such as a PayTag, a SmartCup, your mobile phone, a wristband or a payment sticker you can buy anything you like for under $100.

Available to all Optus mobile customers, it works just like a Visa Debit card – you simply wave and pay at any payment machine that accepts Visa PayWave technology. This is a great way to simplify your handbag (or do away with one altogether), and it’s especially helpful if you’re prone to accidently leaving your wallet at home! 

The range of accessories has been designed to suit various lifestyles, but the recent release of the PayTag (attaches to your watch strap, which I used) and SmartCup (an eco-friendly keep-cup with a built in payment tag at the bottom) takes payment convenience to whole new levels. 

To trial this easy way of paying for purchases, Optus recently invited me to take part in a “blogger challenge” whereby I was tasked with buying 5 things for under $50 using the new Optus PayTag (plus a coffee!). 

Challenge accepted. Here’s what I was able to buy…

optus pay review

#1 – Chanel Nailpolish from David Jones, $41 – So you mightn’t have the time (or funds) to buy a new pair of shoes to go with every outfit, but a shiny new luxury Chanel nailpolish is almost the same thing! In so many classic and on-trend colours, I could not resist stopping by the Chanel counter and swiping myself a new shade.

#2 – H&M Knitted top, $20 – Thanks to the classic cut and cute gold buttons, this H&M sweater is one of those items that belies its bargain price-tag. The slowest part of making this purchase was standing in the queue to pay!

#3 – Zara Shoes, $39 – When you spot the last pair of shoes in your size at 50% off, all signals point to “buy”. To say that Zara has been kind to shoppers this season is an understatement – and with so many highly-discounted items, there was literally zero chance I was leaving empty-handed. Although I was in and out of the store in 5 minutes, this is not a purchase I will regret later.

#4 – Nars Velvet Lipglide from Mecca, $37 – It was high time I jumped on the liquid lipstick bandwagon, and what better way to do it than with a little tube of luxury from Nars.  I can’t see myself stopping at only one of these – the colour range is addictive and it’s a very speedy little pick me up!

#5 – Two Classic T-shirts, $10 each from Dotti –  I stock up on these basics whenever possible. For $10 each they are a great buy and last a full season before being retired. Already knowing my size I was able to pop in and grab these from the rack, swipe and be on my way in only a few moments.

Coffee, $3.50 – This really goes without saying, but first: coffee. I didn’t even bother attacking this challenge without a decent caffeine hit beforehand. The staff at Coco Noir were pleased I was helping them to save time in rush-hour by avoiding the cash transaction altogether.

Overall, I found using the Optus PayTag a breeze. When you are wearing the PayTag on your watch strap, the actual transaction is as simple as lowering your wrist onto the credit card terminal and waiting a second or two for it to process. When you are using your mobile phone, it is the same thing – just lowering the device near to the credit card terminal, waiting momentarily for it to process, and that’s it. Using any of the Optus Pay accessories is just like using a credit card – only easier, in that there is nothing to carry or put away afterward.

This really is a perfect solution for grabbing things on the go and whenever you want to be out and about without having to carry anything (ie during exercise). I also liked the fact that Optus Pay is capped at $500 (with a $100 transaction limit) meaning that should it ever fall into the wrong hands the downside is limited.

For sheer convenience (and as a handy backup for those times you forget your wallet) I really couldn’t see any reason not to download the Optus Pay app to your smartphone, and add on the additional accessories such as the PayTag and SmartCup to make the most of what the service has to offer.

For more information, head to Optus Pay by clicking here.


This story was sponsored by Optus Pay, though all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    Hi, once only the science-fiction writers told about the future, in which you can pay for goods with a bank card (or its futuristic counterpart), and today various methods of contactless payment have become commonplace. Self-service cash desks have appeared in many stores, but they still need people. The store employees are forced to help customers, confirm the age when buying alcohol, break through goods without bar codes. Also, the store does not do without security guards. Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to put all the goods on the tape and wait until the cashier himself scans, calculates the cost and packs the goods.

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