The Style Transformation Of Nicole Richie



We all started somewhere.  

We all have those cringe-worthy throwback photos, buried deep in the back of the family photo album and just happen to showcase some of our biggest wardrobe blunders – and lack of style know-how.

On a positive note however, these photos of trends past capture just how far you’ve come on the fashion front. And, rather than allowing them to collect dust – we should applaud our once-upon-a-time quadruple denim ensemble and inappropriate use of headwear.

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Just like us, celebrities are also prone to fashion blunders. However,  unlike us the paparazzi just happens to chronicle each and every ensemble. Nicole Richie’s style transformation in particular – is like no other.

The now mum-of-two has progressed from jeans and a T-shirt on the red carpet to a designer-dressed reality TV star, in what seemed like an instant. Looking back though, Richie has had many memorable faux pas, which contribute to her style today.

In celebration of days less stylish, we’re taking a look at Nicole Richie’s complete style transformation.

From fashion faux pas to front row – here are the wardrobe chronicles of Nicole Richie…

Nicole Richie style transformation

The Simple Life Days

Remember The Simple Life? We’re certain that fans of the show will remember Nicole’s preferred outfit combination of barely-there denim skirts, UGGs and tees, which she sported everywhere from media calls to the red carpet.

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