The 10 Negotiation Skills Every Successful Woman Uses

negotiating skills
Negotiation skills are paramount to helping you achieve the life you want.

Whether you’re angling for a raise, negotiating with your kids, or simply trying to get someone to agree to your suggestion for a dinner destination, being able to negotiate puts you in the drivers seat during most of life’s situations.

Negotiating skills are particularly useful when you consider that so few people have bothered to master them at all – giving you a distinct advantage at work, home, and other areas.


Contrary to what most people think, negotiating is not the same as haggling, which is simply arguing back and forth about price or an issue until one of you gives in. If this has been your standard mode of getting what you need or want out of a situation, then brace yourself! Better things are coming.

Negotiating effectively requires foresight, patience and strategy. And these are exactly the character traits that smart women are honing in order to create a life of substance for themselves. 

So rather than resorting to “bossiness” (basic) – or worse, blundering forward to only get what you’re given, learn to negotiate your way into any number of favourable outcomes! While some of the below points are geared toward the workplace, you can adopt the basic principles for any situation. 

Here we explain the 10 best tips for honing your negotiation skills like a boss:

negotiating skills c


Set Your Goals In Advance

Goal setting is the key to success in life in general, and it’s super important when it comes to negotiating. Know what you hope to achieve prior to negotiating.

It’s the golden rule, and the one most people fail to bother with. Without a plan, you allow the other party to define your goals, instead of the other way around.

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