Life Hack: 5 Oven-Related Issues and How to Resolve Them

how to fix oven issues

Occasionally things go wrong around the home whether it be a leaky pipe dripping water into your living room or your trusty oven fails to be so trustworthy all of a sudden. After a while, our homes and appliances shows signs of issues, and repair services can become quite costly.

If you don’t have the budget for these sudden emergencies, it pays to know how to fix simple issues yourself. Alternatively, a home warranty could provide discounts and coverage to make the repairs more affordable.

For now, let’s look at issues that frequently affect ovens. Try these fixes next time you encounter any one of the following issues.

#1 – You Can’t Turn On the Oven

If the oven won’t turn on, the first task is to check the breaker box. All ovens should be on their own circuit, however if the previous owner connected other appliances on the same breaker as the oven, you may need to spring for electrical repairs. However, if the oven is on its own breaker, the next possible issue is a wiring problem. In this case, you should contact your home warranty company if you have one to set up the necessary electrical repairs.

#2 – Inconsistent Oven Temperature

If the oven isn’t maintaining consistent temperatures, it may need to be recalibrated – the calibration determines the temperature setting for the oven. The product manual should help you with a few easy steps to do this. Luckily, it doesn’t take a professional to calibrate the oven, but if recalibration doesn’t correct the problem, contact a professional instead.

#3 – Door Won’t Stay Shut Or Won’t Open

If the you’re having oven door issues, you can try a quick trick to fix it. Typically, the issues are that the door won’t shut, or it’s difficult to open after the oven has aged. To test the door, engage the self-cleaning feature. This will lock the door and force it to stay closed. The process will also reopen the door at the end of the cleaning cycle. If you continue to experience issues, you may need to invest in a new door.

#4 – Self-Clean No Longer Works

If your oven is older than 15 years, you may notice the workability of some of the features may diminish. The self-cleaning feature makes it easier to keep the oven clean and sanitary. When engaging the feature, the oven door must be closed, and the oven will lock it into place.

However, if the door isn’t closing correctly or isn’t locking, the self-cleaning feature won’t be able to start the cycle. If this happens, the culprit could be the control board. It’s time to organise repairs and get a new control board for your oven through a licensed repair service.

#5 – Over Light Won’t Turn On Or Stay On

If the oven light won’t come on, the most obvious issue is a burned-out light bulb. You will simple need to get the correct light bulb for your oven at the correct wattage. If changing the bulb doesn’t correct the problem, it could be a wiring or switch issue.

In this instance, you won’t be able to fix this issue on your own, so you’re best off hiring a professional to test the electrical connection and the switch. You can either set up the repairs yourself or through your home warranty provider as mentioned above, if you have one.

Let’s face it, we can experience issues with any major appliance at any time. Once appliances have outlived their estimated lifespan, you’ll start to notice sudden failures and features that just don’t work as expected. Ovens are a necessity, and doing without one – even for a few days, can be a major inconvenience! If your oven isn’t working as expected, it’s time to follow the tips outlined above, and find fast repairs to restore functionality.

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