Will LED Light Therapy Really Improve Your Skin?

Originally created by NASA, Light Emitting Diodes – or LED, has been tapped by the beauty industry to treat various skin concerns. Keep reading to discover how LED light therapy can deliver you glowing, gorgeous skin.

What is LED therapy?

LED light therapy has a fascinating origin story – Light Emitting Diodes, or what we commonly refer to as LED, was originally made by NASA to help facilitate plant growth in outer space. During this process it was found to have significant properties for use within the human body as well, namely extremely effective wound healing and the ability to stimulate tissue growth.

It was discovered through the use of different wavelength and colours, each would have a different corresponding effect on the body. It’s no wonder then that since then, the beauty industry has tapped into this technology to treat various skin concerns.

LED’s effectiveness at treating skin issues, without any  pain or discomfort, has also boosted its popularity. Think of LED light therapy as an incredible way to send energy to the body – the same way that sunlight gives plants energy to photosynthesize.

A treatment that utilises LED is also non-invasive, which means that you don’t get prodded about by needles – nor does it burn or cause any skin damage. That means there’s absolutely no downtime when you undergo a treatment, and you get to return to your daily schedule without much of a fuss.

How does LED Light help with skin problems?

Basically, LED therapy machines send energy into the skin layers to stimulate intracellular reactions. Light has different wavelengths, which register to our eyes as different colors. It’s these wavelengths that reach various depths of our skin and trigger different responses.

Blue light works at the topmost layer of our skin and is very effective in killing bacteria. Thus, this is commonly used for people with acne-prone skin.

Red light, on the other hand, is capable of penetrating much deeper and promotes collagen production to keep the skin young and supple whilst also boosting circulation.

Near-infrared reaches the deepest layer of the skin and boosts deep cellular regeneration and encourages and speeds up wound healing. This makes it a great add-on for more invasive services, such as micro-needling. It can also encourage the release of toxic waste within the body for a radiant and health glow.

Green Light can act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and strengthens skin capillaries whilst yellow light can help reduce redness, as well as increasing overall skin hydration.

The benefits of LED Light Therapy include:

  •       Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and assist with overall anti-ageing
  •       Reduces inflammation
  •       Helps reduce acne and prevent future breakouts
  •       Assists in fading discoloration and pigmentation caused by sun damage
  •       Promotes good circulation;
  •       Stimulates collagen production; and
  •       Brightens skin tone

What happens during a LED Light Therapy session?

When preparing for a LED facial session, it’s best to go into the clinic when your skin is clean and fresh and makeup-free. You clinician will also most likely wash your face with a very gentle and mild cleanser, so that your skin is ready and prepped for treatment.

Then, all you need to do is relax, lie down, and soak up all that magic light. Your  aesthetician will make sure that your eye protection is firmly positioned to keep your eyes safe from being exposed to too much light. It’s a painless procedure and side effects are very rare. You can expect to go about your usual routine immediately after the treatment.

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Should I use at-home machines or visit a clinic?

The face mask gadgets meant for home use are fun and easy to use, but they are not nearly as effective as the professional LED light therapy machines used in skin clinics. Although not nearly as powerful, at-home masks are great at working alongside professional treatments.

Specialised machines, such as the MediLUX can provide all five wavelengths—from blue to infrared—with medical-grade LED machines. Skin clinics will also oftentimes incorporate LED into a comprehensive facial and combine it with other treatments to maximise skin benefits.

How can I try LED Light Therapy?

To learn more about our MediLux technology for LED Light Therapy, contact salon suppliers at The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607.

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