Heard Of The Lash Lift? It’s The Latest Way To Fluttery Goodness


With a myriad of products on the market targeting our lashes, it doesn’t take long to build yourself an enviable eye flutter. After the makeup wipes have done their job however, we’re left back at square one: with the lashes nature intended. If you’ve grown accustomed to how you look with perfectly curled and coiffed lashes, then a Lash Lift procedure might just be calling your name.

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Lash Lifts

What is a Lash Lift you ask?

A lash lift involves several steps, beginning with moulded silicone pads being placed on your eyelid – these will provide the shape for your soon-to-be-lifted lash hairs. A bonding gel is applied to each lash, pushing them up to sit flush against the pads.

You’ll then have your lashes treated with a perm solution, neutraliser, conditioner and lash tint to further define the eye. An average treatment will set you back around $100 and run for approximately 45 minutes.

The result should be a set of lashes that look like your own but with an extra shot of espresso, making your eyes appear wider and more refreshed – hooded eyelid shapes with find this perk especially helpful.

lash lifts

The treatment should last approximately four weeks before you require an infill of the perming solution to keep them lifted, and unlike lash extensions you don’t have to be concerned with potential fall out or glue sensitivity.

It is recommended that you don’t apply waterproof mascara or false lashes, but given the efficacy of the procedure you should be able to do away entirely with both!

Waking up with photo-ready lashes is especially suitable for those with shorter than average lashes, pin straight lashes that normally won’t hold a curl, or anyone who prefers to spend an extra minute in the morning under the covers rather than wielding an eyelash curler. Even better if you’re planning a holiday with minimal makeup and plenty of dips in the pool, with no worries about smudged mascara.

There are certainly some glowing testimonials from happy customers, and for a long-lasting and pain-free experience with maximum pay off, we think it’s definitely worth more than a passing glance.

Are you a dedicated mascara lover, or would you give a Lash Lift a try? Let us know in the comments!

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