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Long hot days, dreamy summer nights, salty hair and sandy toes. This is Ellington; the creative endeavor of designers Becky Smouha and Lyndall Webster, that combines the beauty and nostalgia of past decades with edgy contemporary surf and street culture, resulting in beautifully unique pieces for their debut clothing line.

Designed on Sydney’s Northern beaches, every Ellington garment is handmade, and produced in limited quantities making sure a little bit of the designers “heart, reverie and soul” is in every piece. From cute pinafores and structured peplum tops to epic hand printed party shirts and shorts, Ellington has both the girls and guys covered from beach to bar and the city streets in between.
On the tail of the launch of their first collection, I caught up with one half of the designer duo, Becky Smouha, to get the low down on how this awesome label came to life.

Where did Ellington come about? How did it start?

It came from a deep love of fashion and of the ocean and the desire to marry the two. We started the idea because we both shared the same love for surf culture as well as the nostalgia and memories of it as a teenager. Ellington is about wanting to have the coast; the sand, the sun, the sea the salt on your skin- to have it with you always, wherever you go.

Where did the name Ellington come from?

The name Ellington is derived from Duke Ellington, the composer. It organically evolved from Duke Kahanamoku who was instrumental in the popularisation of surf culture. We came to learn that both Dukes respectively blurred the boundaries of different genres. This in itself appealed to us as our brand takes influence from different genres and influences, which to the naked eye may seem unnatural and mismatched but to us it blends effortlessly!

How long has the process taken to get the collection available for purchase?

Six months- but long before this we were planning ideas!

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

My favourite piece is the Ferris skirt- it fits so well, goes with everything and is timeless and also a staple wardrobe must have!
My business partner Lyndall’s favourite piece is the Bobo top- she loves the structured feel and shape and she is a sucker for pom poms!

How would you describe the Ellington Girl and Guy?

The Ellington girl is a coastal girl at heart, wherever she goes she carries a piece of ocean with her. She is the gidget/surfer girl but a little bit more grown up. The Ellington boy is her equal, but a bit cheeky- he dresses according to his mood which most of the time is quite crazy.

Describe your personal style. Is Ellington a refection of your day to day style?

Ellington is definitely a reflection of my personal style- I think looking at the range and the website Ellington is us down to a tee.

Where do you see Ellington in 5 years time?

Hopefully a fashion label at the forefront, we want people to love it as much as we do!

You can get your hands on these unique pieces at




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