Is It Best To Wear A Long Or Short Dress To Formals?

While being invited to any special occasion is exciting and an honour, once you’ve digested the news you’ll realise that you have to get the dress code right!

Working out what to wear is especially important if the gathering is formal. Of course, in many cases you’re not given much information about what exactly to wear – it’s simply a ‘formal gathering’. Fortunately, there are ways to decide what you should be wearing.

#1 – The Classic Look

Traditionally, formal gatherings are ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, awards ceremonies, and similar. The ‘correct attire’ is generally required to be inoffensive. That means women wear long dresses without putting much flesh on display. This keeps the focus on the events as opposed to the guests.

Even if the occasion isn’t particularly traditional, to be safe, this is still the best approach. The more formal the occasion the more likely it is that you should adopt the traditional approach. That means a full-length dress or ball gown. It can have straps and can be off the shoulder, but no plunging necklines.

#2 – The Modern Approach

However, these days people are generally more accepting of fluid interpretations of dress code, and you can opt for a more modern dress for a formal occasion. If you’re unsure, verify first with the hosts if there is an anticipated dress code.

When going modern you can move more into the realm of figure-hugging dresses. Ideally, these should still be down to your ankles. The dresses can have thin straps or a mono strap but shouldn’t be strapless. It’s also best to avoid slits that go right up your leg, these are likely to create the wrong impression at the event.

Just take a look at these prom dresses near me for some inspiration. There are plenty of attractive choices that still fit within the requirements for a formal gathering.

#3 – Colour

Colour makes a big difference, and it’s a great way to introduce a little playfulness into a formal outfit. Why not choose a full-length figure-hugging dress and opt for a bright pink or a deep pastel colour? You are guaranteed to be noticed – but for all the right reasons.

Before deciding on a colour, think about your skin colour and undertone to ensure your choice is a good one for your look and personality. If you’re in doubt, pastel colours can be a good option.

#4 – The Little Black Number

All the above are longer dresses. But, it’s possible to wear a short dress. In most cases, this is only acceptable if you opt for the little black cocktail dress. It finishes above the knee but not too high and should sit on your shoulders.

Being black it doesn’t attract too much attention although your legs and shoulders are likely to turn heads!

Remember, before you choose between a short or long dress for a formal gathering, you should consider what others will be wearing and what type of dress is most appropriate.

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