Inspiring Women: Beck Wadworth

We chat to Beck Wadworth, who looks after the Australian Marketing and Digital arm of powerhouse Glassons, as well as being the founder of a beautifully luxe line of stationery called An Organized Life. They are seriously the perfect gift for Christmas, I am itching for 2014 so I can start using mine! If you would like to order a diary, head here. 

First off, could you tell us a bit about your career path and how you’ve ended up here?

Where do I start! I studied a Bachelor of Design (Hons) majoring in Visual Communications – I have always had a passion for design, typography and fashion. I was lucky enough to work as the Fit Model at the Glassons HQ while I studied.

From there Glassons nurtured my career and brought me on to start the blog StyleKeeper which has now just recently transformed into our new Editorial Platform The Guide. After a year working as the Blogger and Web Administrator at the NZ office I followed my man to Sydney (I’m a hopeless romantic) and was lucky enough to get a transfer to the Sydney Glassons HQ. My role now is the Australian Marketing and Digital Co-Ordinator.

What attracted you to Glassons?

In NZ its ‘the’ iconic woman’s fashion brand and a household name. I have grown up being in love with Glassons and I relate to the brand really well because I live, breathe and wear it daily. I was extremely excited when I got the opportunity to work at the NZ Head Office while I studied and I knew that it was a company I wanted to work for once I finished studying. Since moving to the Australian Office I have loved the challenge of bringing awareness to the brand in Australia. It’s really exciting seeing great people and girls wearing Glassons.

What is a typical day like for Beck Wadworth?

I am based at the North end of Bondi Beach – I am definitely caught up in the Bondi Bubble in Sydney its very hard to leave!

During the week I wake up early (attempt to go for a walk around the bays), rush to the bus at 6.45 followed by 2 trains (thank goodness I love to read so it makes the hike more enjoyable!).

I start work at 8am and everyday is different. From PR and Marketing to Editorial and Events it keeps me on my toes!

At 6pm I head home again and arrive back in Bondi at around 7pm.

Both my man and I are creatives and try and do a bit of extra design work to keep up our skills! My current project is some Limited Edition Twenty Fourteen diaries I created! I arrive home, check the orders and reply to emails, then start wrapping diaries for an hour or so ready to post the next day! Jason hand draws all his work so you can often find us sitting on the floor, myself wrapping and him drawing amazing pieces!

I am always tucked up in bed by 10pm ready for the next day – with (of course) my outfit laid out ready to go!

Who inspires you?

That’s a hard question. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without my family who support me and Jason who keeps pushing me. I am inspired by a lot of people I meet, especially my close friends! It has also been amazing moving to a new country and meeting so many new people with different passions and interests.

What are the four things in your closet this season you can’t live without?

Sydney is definitely a lot warmer than NZ. This season I can’t live without my essential Bassike stripe singlet, a staple black Maxi Dress that I can dress up or down, my Karen Walker Sunnies & Jewellery and my Amelia Boland black Messenger Bag.

I also have my eye on the Unif.M White Leather Shorts and a beautiful Lover dress.

Key pieces from Glassons this season?

I am in love with the new limited edition edt collection. The matching Galaxy Shirt and Shorts are my new statement pieces as well as this amazing Maxi Dress and this staple Silk Tee.

You have also launched your own line of luxe diaries called “An Organized Life“, could you fill us in on your inspiration for that?

I have always been a self-confessed organised freak! Everyone always laughs at my uncountable list pads and diaries! But…. I have never found one that contains everything I need! It has always been a dream of mine (a nerdy dream in that!) to design my own organisers and stationery and… you only live once! It has been a great hobby to keep up my graphic design skills outside of my day job and I have learnt so much along the way.

Inspiration wise I have always had a love for typography/books and magazines. My signature graphic design style is minimalist with black/white and statement typography. I wanted to create something classic but modern for that fashion forward girl that needs that wee bit of organisation in her fast paced but exciting life!

Finally, if you could have breakfast with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Hmm probably my family and grandparents back at home in Marlborough to be honest. I’m pretty sure everyone that knows me knows how much I miss and love my family. Any extra time I can get with them id take any day!

Check out some behind the scenes action with Beck over at her Insta account here.



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