Inspiring Businesswomen: Aimee Marks, TOM Organic

We chat to Aimee Marks, a young entrepreneur who has founded TOM Organics, an organic range of personal care products which aim to provide chemical free alternatives to our essentials. 

Aimee is a bright, inspirational woman who has imparted her wisdom upon us…feeling very inspired!

BWA: Tell us a little about your career journey to date?

Aimee: I’ve always been entrepreneurial – when I was a kid I would always be coming up with new business ideas – when I was 8 I started a business making beaded bracelets and selling them to my friends – it was super successful! I went to Uni and studied Entrepreneurship and that’s where TOM really came to life. After years of researching and development I launched the brand in 2009 and haven’t looked back!

BWA: What inspired you to found TOM?

Aimee: I grew up in a really mindful, health conscious environment and I’ve always read the labels on skincare and been aware of what’s in the food I eat, but when I hit the tampon aisle, there was really nothing on the market that I felt comfortable putting inside my body – every single month!

When you ask the question, what’s in your tampon? Most people don’t actually know the answer! I was also really passionate about creating a company and a brand that could have a positive impact – I really believe that business has a role to play in changing the world for the better.

BWA: Why organic?

Aimee: The choice to use organic cotton came about after discovering that regular cotton is actually one of the most heavily sprayed and genetically modified crops in the world. I was looking for a fibre that was natural but also absorbent – most tampons are made from synthetic materials (rayon and plastic) and my aim was always to not only make a product that was better for your body, but also for our planet.

BWA: What should we be mindful of when purchasing tampons?

Aimee: What’s inside them! You’re putting this product into one of the most absorbent parts of your body – it just makes sense that you wouldn’t want it to be made from chemicals. I’m also a big advocate of voting with your dollar, if I know that my money is going to a company that is trying to make the world a better place then that’s always a positive thing!

BWA: What’s next for TOM Organic in 2013?

Aimee: Our objective has always been for every woman, everywhere to know about and have access to a chemical free female care products, and we are still very much at the beginning of the journey as far as education goes. Buying sanitary products can often be an “auto-purchase” and people rarely question what’s in their tampons – we’re still very much on the quest to educate and spread awareness about health and wellbeing. We’re also looking at diversifying out into other product ranges.

BWA: What inspires you day to day?

Aimee: The people I surround myself with. It’s really special to be able to walk into an office, a meeting and my home and be greeted by some of the most inspiring passionate people I know – who also hold strong truths and are always honest. I think you mirror what you get back in life, it is inspiring to be more present than ever and reflect on the business and meaningful change I am creating, through TOM, from a health & environment perspective.

BWA: What’s in your beauty bag?

Aimee: My beauty bag is pretty minimal to be honest! At the moment I’m loving Josie Maran Argan Oil for my hair, Jacqueline Evans skincare, Inika tinted moisturizer & TOM tampons of course!

BWA: What’s a typical day like in the world of Aimee?

Aimee: I love that I wake up every morning and know that I’m going to spend the day doing something that I’m passionate about!

Early start – yoga or a walk in the morning with my dog, head home and make a cold pressed organic juice (slightly obsessed with my juicer at the moment), then I usually start the working day by writing everything I want to achieve that day in my notebook.

I head into the office at about 8:45 and have a morning debrief with the team over a cup of tea. Then spend the morning catching up on emails.

We usually cook up a yummy organic lunch in the kitchen, every Monday we all cook together and sit around the table and share our wins and challenges for week!

Afternoons are usually spent either in meetings or doing product research. I usually jump on one of my food blogs in the late afternoon to get some dinner inspiration.

In the evening I’m either catching up on work, taking an evening walk along the beach with my husband or just taking a hot bath to relax and reflect on the day.

BWA: Finally if you could have breakfast with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Aimee: This is a tough one – there are so many people in business that I admire. But I think I’ll go with Stella McCartney (maybe she’ll read this!!) – I love everything she stands for – she never compromises her ethical beliefs in her work. She works in that rare space in between – proving that you can have great design, build an empire and do good for the world at the same time.


  • Reply K Schell Tuesday 30th July, 2013 at 7:01 am

    Are TOM’s available in the US yet particularly in Colorado?
    I am very interested in finding out how we could get them.



  • Reply amanda6393 Monday 29th July, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Fantastic products and great article!

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