Improve Your English With These 7 Word Games

how to improve your english

It’s a lesser known fact that games can turn out to be super helpful if you want to learn something. You can improve your English without even realising it!

Games aren’t meant for children only, and education isn’t limited to classrooms. Games are enjoyed and played by adults and people of all ages. Research shows that adults are more likely to recall what they learn through entertainment sources. 

Word games can help everyone improve their use of a language, whether that’s speaking, writing, or  reading. And thanks to many online games, you can easily learn or improve your English anytime, anywhere.

Here we’ll be talking about the 7 most effective word games that can help you learn to speak English fluently. Keep reading to discover more!

Which games will improve my English?

how to improve your english

#1 – Pictionary

Pictionary is a game where the players try to draw out words instead of acting them out. To play the game follow these steps:

  • Divide your group into different teams. 
  • In every round, assign one team member to draw a letter. 
  • Give a word to the team member who draws a letter. 
  • Allow the team approximately 60 seconds to guess the word. 
  • If the team can guess the word correctly, award them one point. 

This game is a great way to improve your vocabulary as the players get a chance to connect the word with an image. This makes learning easier. You can play it online too.

#2 – Hangman

Hangman is one of the most known and popular games in the category of word games. You play this game in a pair of two. The first player starts by thinking of a word. 

After Player 1 has thought of a word, Player 2 will have to guess the word before they get ‘hung’. Player 1 should place blanks on the paper instead of the word. 

Now, Player 2 will have to guess the word. Every time Player 2 makes a mistake, Player 1 should start to make a ‘Hangman’. If the drawing finishes before Player 2 can guess the word, they lose. 

#3 – Wordle

Owned by The New York Times, Wordle has recently gained a lot of popularity and recognition across all the online platforms. For those of you who are completely unaware of this game, it’s an intriguing puzzle game that anyone can play. The best part is that it is free! 

You have to guess a five-letter word that changes every day. You have to keep attempting for 6 chances till you get it right or wrong.  Letters can be used twice or even thrice for a word. If you have guessed a correct letter but at the wrong place then the word will turn yellow. Answers will not be plurals. 

However, you can also find answers for NYTimes’ Wordle game online if you’re facing difficulty in finding them by yourself initially. 

#4 – Word Scrabble 

Scrabble is an English knowledge game. To play this game, you have to arrange all the letters into words on a board. By arranging the letters you can earn points. 

The point of this game is to earn more points than your opponents by making the best words at the highest point earning places on the board. 

There are many different ways to play Scrabble, and you can even find scrabble word finder websites and apps to make the game even more enjoyable. These allow you to automatically find all of the scrabble letters in a given word, making the game faster and easier.

#5 – Scattegories 

This game forces a person to think creatively and “out of the box”. You will be given categories like ‘cold’ or ‘colour’. Then, you have to fit words into these categories. 

Before every turn, you will have to roll the dice to choose a letter. After this, the timer starts and everybody starts to race to make the most creative word. 

If you have written a word that hasn’t been written by anyone else then you earn extra points. For example, if you had to write for the category cold and someone wrote ice while you wrote igloo, then you’ll earn more points than the first player. 

#6 – Dabble 

Dabble is a fun word game, and it’s similar to Scrabble. But – using anagrams, it gives you the freedom to create whatever words you want without connecting them on the game board. 

Dabble will force you to use your brain to think what words you can create to earn more points than your opponents. 

#7 – Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is a card game that allows you and your dear ones to recite a story. Every person gets one card that has an element of a story. 

One of these cards has an ending too. One of the people starts to recite the story based on the cards he/she has. Other people can interrupt to change the story. 

The point of the game is to entertain yourself and the people who are observing or playing the game. The best part is that no one wins or loses this game. 

In summary

Word games are especially useful if you’re looking to improve your use of any language. Don’t forget that by playing games in groups and teams you can learn to speak English with your friends, in an environment that encourages you to speak openly and freely. 

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