6 Tips To Help Improve Your Web Browsing Experience In Australia

how to increase internet speed australia

Whether travelling around on a working holiday, or calling this beautiful country home, you may have found using Australia’s internet challenging. Keep reading to learn the steps you can take to make your digital journey smoother, faster, and more secure.

You might be surprised to discover that internet usage in Australia can be bumpy. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Australia is a vast place, so establishing reliable internet infrastructure everywhere – especially in remote regions, is tricky. There have also been difficulties with the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll-out, causing inconsistent speeds for some users. Australia has an average download speed of 52.46Mbps and 17.98Mbps for uploads, so the experience of browsing the web can be a mixed bag. 

6 ways to improve your online experience down under

#1 – Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

A VPN is your invisible cloak in the digital realm. It conceals your IP address and protects your private information from potential threats. Before browsing, always turn on a VPN. Learning how to use a VPN will also let you explore the limitless possibilities of the web, bypassing region-locked or region-restricted content. For instance, if you’re craving the latest episode of an American Netflix exclusive, you can sail through the geo-restrictions with a flick of your VPN switch. 

While VPNs ensure online privacy, they can also influence internet speed (and, therefore, your browsing experience. Some internet providers limit bandwidth during peak times or for specific activities, and a VPN can prevent this ‘throttling’ by hiding your activity. VPNs also allow you to connect to less congested servers in different regions, increasing speed.

#2 – Install An Ad Blocker 

Our second tip to boost your browsing experience is to adopt an ad blocker. Intrusive advertisements are not only a visual nuisance that disrupts your browsing flow but can also be a substantial drain on your loading speeds. They cause webpages to be bogged down by unnecessary data, clogging up your bandwidth. 

You’ll weed out these unnecessary interferences by enabling an ad blocker. You’ll find web pages load faster, transforming your online activities. Whether crafting a blog post, browsing online stores, or streaming your favourite video content, an ad blocker ensures a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

#3 – Boost Your Broadband Plan 

The importance of a quality broadband plan cannot be overstated. Remember, your browsing experience is only as good as your internet connection. Australia has various plans to choose from, offering varying bandwidth and download/upload speeds. 

A better browsing experience starts with the right plan, so assessing your internet needs is vital. Are you a casual surfer, checking emails and reading the news? Or a gaming enthusiast needing high-speed, low-latency connections? Align your usage patterns with the right plan, and you’ll see a notable improvement in your browsing experience. Research, compare, and switch if necessary.

#4 – Invest In Your Own Modem 

While talking  of internet speed, let’s remember the heart of your home network – the modem. Internet service providers (ISPs) often offer bundled modems, which are adequate for most, but not all.

Investing in your modem can yield surprising benefits. You can choose one that perfectly complements your upgraded broadband plan and home layout. We recommend securing a modem that can better handle higher bandwidth speeds and provide an extensive range, reducing dreaded buffering times. Remember to ensure your selected modem is compatible with your ISP before purchasing.

#5 – Clear Your Cookie Cache

The next tip is one for browsing beginners: clearing your cookie cache. Cookies are small files stored on your device by websites for personalised browsing experiences. However, over time, they accumulate and can clutter your browser, consuming valuable memory and slowing down performance. 

Regularly clearing your cookie cache, frees up space and resources, allowing your browser to function more efficiently. This process can result in faster loading times and smoother navigation.  Most browsers offer straightforward steps to do this, typically found under the privacy or history settings. Note that clearing cookies will sign you out of most websites, so make sure you remember your passwords!

#6 – Disable Unnecessary Plugins

Lastly, consider disabling unnecessary browser plugins. Plugins are great for adding extra functionality, but too many can sap your browser’s speed and your computer’s processing power. As a car performs better with a clean engine, your browser performs better when not bogged down by an overabundance of plugins.

Visit your browser settings and disable or delete any plugins you don’t regularly use. This quick and easy declutter can significantly boost your browser (and your browsing experience).

So, there you have it – six savvy tips to enhance your web browsing experience in Australia. Whether utilising a VPN, using an ad blocker, upgrading your broadband plan, investing in a modem, clearing your cookie cache, or disabling unnecessary plugins, each contributes to a faster, more efficient, and enjoyable online journey.

Your online world is filled with potential. Don’t let a subpar browsing experience hinder your exploration. Apply these tips and set sail into smoother digital seas.

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