Iconic Style Staple – The Classic Gucci Loafer

gucci jordaan loafer classic iconic style fest
Iconic style – because why reinvent the wheel?

I love those crazy farshun trends as much as the next person, the difference being, most of the time I just prefer to see them on the other person! $2500 fur-lined loafers, plastic stilettos, fluffy fur slides – all great.  But give me iconic style, something that’ll stand the test of time and I’m yours.

Chanel has the flap bag, tweed suits, two-tone ballerinas, and Chanel no.5. Burberry has the trench and Gucci has the iconic horsebit loafer.

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And when I called it iconic, I wasn’t joking – Gucci’s timeless shoe was first released around 65 years ago, and it remains as relevant as ever. It has even held a place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection for 35 years! 

With the onset of cold weather, it’s time to pack away our easy espadrilles, cloak our comfortable slides and stash away our summertime sandals. Gucci’s classic loafers with posh, horsey vibes are the effortless solution to cold weather dressing – not just this year, but every year.

This season we’re investing in one of the most iconic style shoes of all time, and we suggest that all lovers of classic fashion (who don’t mind splurging) do the same!

Let’s take a closer look at the classic Gucci horsebit loafer (currently retailed as ‘Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer’) in the gallery below.

gucci jordaan loafer classic iconic style

The Gucci Jordaan is the new Horsebit loafer with a slimmer shape than earlier versions.

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