How To Transform Your Bathroom With A Beautiful Shower

tips for shower makeover
The perfect bathroom makeover is not just about what design will make the space look the most beautiful. Instead, it requires an ideal balance of style and function, creating a practical space that isn’t bland. And your shower is one of the most effective ways to create this balance.

One of the most challenging questions in any bathroom renovation is “where do I start?!” There are always so many decisions to make, and these overwhelming choices can turn your “simple” renovation into an arduous task. Keep reading to learn why the shower is the best place to start your bathroom makeover. 

When and Why You Should Replace Your Shower

Getting a new shower affects more than just the bathing space. Decisions like the type of shower, the best shower enclosure, and even what shower doors you need will transform the space into an entirely different type of bathroom. (Check out these tips on choosing shower doors if you’re not sure.)

You have faults in the shower

One of the most common reasons to get a new shower is when your old one starts to fall apart. Sometimes the problems are subtle, and you can repair them, but there is a point when the problems are beyond repair. Faults like water pools outside the shower, frequent blockages with your showerheads, loose shower heads, wobbling shower doors, and even unstable shower trays are reasons to replace your shower.

Your lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes can affect the type of shower you need. Significant changes like starting a family or just having more people in the house may require you to change the type of shower in your home. And if you have elderly or convalescing residents with you, then you’ll definitely need to take that into account, too. Here are some shower design ideas that may work with your lifestyle changes.

#2 – How To Transform Your Bathroom With A Beautiful Shower

Whatever your reasons for replacing the shower, the new one will do more than keeping you clean. Use these shower tips to transform your bathroom into a stylish, welcoming space:

Stylish Shower Enclosure

Nothing guarantees a balance of beauty and function like a contemporary shower enclosure. This structure stops water from spilling into other parts of the bathroom while also creating privacy and class. 

Shower enclosures come in different styles, including corner or box options. What type you go for will affect the type of shower door and the arrangement of the rest of the bathroom. Glass shower enclosures from Gatsby Glass are a great addition to your bathroom if you want to make your shower look more sophisticated.

Walk-In Shower

Instead of typical showers with shower enclosures, you can opt for walk-in showers. These take less space and are more accessible than the enclosed alternative. 

Walk-In showers also add a stylish edge to your bathroom by showing off shower accessories and beautiful tiles. The absence of an enclosure lends a minimal aesthetic and can feel quite luxe.

Creative Wall and Floor Tiles Designs

The wall and floor of the shower have a big part to play in its appeal. The flooring and wall tiles should be distinct since they are often more noticeable than your faucets and showerheads. 

While quality is crucial in choosing your tiles, aesthetics must have equal consideration. Mosaic patterned tiles are popular shower choices. They come in different material types and several design options to apply to your wall and floor.

Complimentary Bathroom Accessories

Having a beautiful shower and contemporary shower enclosure creates the basis for your other bathroom choices. For inspiration, here are some more design tips you can incorporate if you want to get an idea of how to mix and match bathroom accessories. Design elements like wallpapers, storage, basins, and even bathroom plants should be chosen to complement the shower – and not the other way around. 

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