How To: 5 Ways to Style The Must-Have Bomber Jacket


What’s comfortable, fashionable and the current must-have item on every fashionista’s hit list? The bomber jacket, of course! If you aren’t already on board with this hot trend, you need to get up to speed and pronto. The bomber jacket is so hot right now and it’s set to become even hotter as the temperature drops over the next few months.

The bomber jacket is a perfect blend of tomboy and sports luxe and despite what you may think, is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Bomber jackets work perfectly with casual jeans and tee outfits, but they are also great for giving some added edge to some of your more glamorous looks. Shopping for the man in your life? Check out Mens Bomber Jacket for sale for every style and type you can imagine.

Read on for the best bomber jacket styling tips and inspiration along with some seriously stylish shopping choices.

bomber jacket street style gigi and kendall


1. Off Duty Cool 

Ever have those days when you have a tonne of errands to run and you want to dress comfortably but not look like a total slob either? Enter your new best friend – the bomber jacket. Perfect for throwing on over your most comfortable, worn-in jeans or gym gear, the addition of a bomber jacket will have people wondering if you’re an off duty model jutting between castings.

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