How To Prepare Your Place For Summer Entertaining

how to prepare your home for entertaining
Whether you’re counting down the days until summer arrives or summer has already graced you with its presence, you might be wondering what you need to do to get your backyard summer-ready.

It’s no surprise that summer is the favourite time of the year for many people. In Australia, it’s when friends and family get together outside to enjoy the sunshine, eat, drink, and be merry. But before you invite over family and friends, don’t forget to do the following things! 

#1 – Prepare the Pool

Your swimming pool might have been dormant over winter, but the onset of summer is the perfect time to undertake maintenance and ensure it’s ready for hours of fun.

Purchase all necessary cleaning and maintenance products from leading businesses like HY-CLOR, and make sure you have plenty of tester strips, chlorine, and filters to keep your pool clean and hygienic for the season.

You might also like to invest in extra accessories to make cleaning easier, such as pool vacuums, rakes, scoops, and shovels. 

#2 – Dust Off the Outdoor Furniture

If you’re entertaining guests outdoors, ensure everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit. If you usually store outdoor furniture under cover for winter, now’s the perfect time to bring it out, inspect it, and clean it to ensure it’s in excellent condition. 

As outdoor furniture is generally more exposed to the elements you might find that it degrades over time. Plastic can become brittle due to the effects of UV rays, while rattan can also rot and break down.

Moisture over winter can cause metal furniture to develop rust, and even wood can fade, crack, and warp. If any furniture is in poor condition, consider replacing it to ensure your aesthetics and comfort are maintained.

#3 – Look After Your Lawn 

Lawn and garden maintenance tasks can fall by the wayside in winter, especially when it’s too wet and cold for you to want to be outside. However, if summer is on its way, performing those essential yard tasks is essential if you want to enjoy your space as much as possible.

Mow the lawns, weed the gardens, tidy the edges, and spray any unsightly or invasive weeds. You might even decide to get out the water blaster to take care of any winter build-up on pathways and walls.

#4 – Stock the Fridge and Pantry

It’s the season of entertaining, so don’t forget to head to your local supermarket or providor to stock up on goodies to satisfy yourself and your guests. Potato chips, dips, crackers, and cheese, are all foolproof snacks to have tucked away in your pantry and fridge at all times. 

#5 – Have a Focal Point

While there’s nothing wrong with inviting people over to chat and eat, it doesn’t hurt to have a focal point. For some people, a swimming pool can be the star of the show, but you might to also invest in a stereo system, a spa pool, a fire pit, or a barbecue to really make the most of your outdoor spaces.


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