How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hotel Stay

Many people consider traveling their go-to as soon as they have the chance to de-stress. With so many places to see and cultures to learn, any amount of negativity you’ve accumulated will get washed away by all of the newness they’re experiencing up close.

However, as attractive as the concept is, the reality of traveling might test your patience, especially if you’re looking for a place to stay.

Fortunately, there are thousands of accommodations you can look into. For those planning to go abroad, Café Townsville and many other hotel services cater to locals and tourists alike. But little did they know, they’re likely not making the most of what these hotels offer. Even though you’re somewhere far away, these places can still feel like home with the right tricks up your sleeve.

Do Your Research

Having options is always a great sign when looking for a place to stay. But in some cases, quality often gets watered down for the sake of quantity. Although you have so many options, not all of them offer the quality you’re looking for. And that’s all the more reason for you to do your research ahead of time.

Check if there are any reviews for the hotel you’ve been eyeing. Seeing previous customers’ opinions on the place sets apart the image the hotel presents to the public from first-hand experience. If you’re interested in how their visit went, ensure they have pictures to prove their authenticity.

Don’t trust star ratings completely. Even though they hold some value, the rating often relies on how many amenities a hotel has. Therefore, you might think a hotel is perfect for spending the holidays since they have an infinity pool. But little did you know, the quality of their amenities and services might not be what you expect.

Ask Questions

Your hotel stay will make or break your entire trip. Since that’s where you’ll be residing, you must be aware of everything the hotel has to offer because who knows? You might miss out on something that would’ve made your stay there even better than what you had.

As soon as you check in, ask reception for perks and extras available. Many travelers make the mistake of not asking the reception for upgrades. Because even though you got there after doing your research, hotels still have some perks up their sleeves that aren’t as advertised as their amenities. However, these perks mainly consist of extras or basic sundry items, such as the following:

Access to streaming services, Toiletries, Plastic bags, Beverages

They might not seem relevant on the surface. But once you’re a well-versed traveler, you’ll come to appreciate these extras. If you want a free ‘upgrade’ involving your room, ask to stay in a corner room. Design-wise, corner rooms offer the most space, considering their location. Therefore, if you’re traveling with a group, request to stay in a corner room if it’s available.

Maximize Loyalty

Finding the perfect hotel is difficult when heading out for the first time. But booking the same hotel is highly recommended if you plan to go to the same location on your next trip. Whether you travel there regularly or not, as long as you frequent the place, ensure you stay at the same accommodation.

Familiarity is a valuable asset when looking for hotels. Becoming familiar with one builds your relationship with the hotel and its staff. Once you’ve formed a stable relationship, the hotel might start to feel like a second home since your comfort is secured. Naturally, tipping the staff and maintaining a friendly disposition are some of the ways to have a good relationship with the hotel staff.

Spread The Good News

Besides offering lodging, high-quality hotels are supposed to encourage happiness among their customers. Therefore, once they know you’re celebrating an occasion, they’ll whip up something special just for you. Ensure you inform them in advance so they can prepare their gifts and perks ahead of time. Normally, they offer or give complimentary items, like a free bottle of champagne. But you might score an early check-in or late check-out in some hotels, or even upgrade your room to a lounge.

Know Your Signs

Seasoned travelers who have seen their fair share of hotels have all sorts of experience in their belts. One of the most useful tips you’ll hear from them is to never use the ‘Clean Room’ sign. Although it welcomes housekeeping, that sign blatantly indicates you’re not inside. Those who are paranoid about anyone going inside their room without informing them should keep this to heart. Instead, use a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign if you’re leaving to make them think you’re still inside.


Although you have so many options to choose from, finding the perfect hotel can leave any traveler stumped. After all, your hotel stay could make or break your traveling experience. Fortunately, as long as you know what to do, there are ways to make your hotel stay worthwhile.

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