How To Handle A Relationship Break Down: 5 Helpful Tips To Know

Over time, our feelings, circumstances, life-goals, outlooks, and goals can change, leaving a big impact on our relationships. When differences come to the fore, being trapped in a marriage or other relationship that no longer makes sense can feel torturous.

Whatever the reasons might be that your relationship is not working, it’s important to take stock of where you are and to be honest about your future together. 

No matter whether you’ve worked through the issues and given the relationship numerous chances, sometimes the only viable way forward is to consider a divorce. Of course, a divorce is a big decision and one that deserves careful consideration, and it’s one that often won’t come quickly. It can be hard to acknowledge that despite both of your best efforts to work things out, a permanent separation is the only option. However, it’s a decision that will, ultimately, lead to you both being happier. 

If you decide to separate, you should consult a will solicitor to update your will as you may want to look after different loved ones, like your parents, children or siblings.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common signs that you should start thinking about contacting family lawyers in Melbourne to apply for a divorce.

#1 Not Being Emotionally Available

You and your partner should be there for each other emotionally. For a relationship to stand the test of time and to maintain intimacy, you need to be willing to discuss your feelings and your partner’s feeling with interest. Loving couples will be aware of the other person’s emotions and be empathetic towards them. If your partner is never there for you emotionally, this can be a key sign that your relationship is in trouble.

#2 – Repeatedly Disagreeing About The Same Things 

A married couple with a healthy relationship should be able to openly discuss any issues they have with the other person in the relationship and resolve them.

If you are always arguing about the same issues and you can’t find a way to meet in the middle, then there’s a big chance that you met your false twin flame. In the worst scenarios a divorce may need to be considered. Examples of deal-breaking issues which could signal deeper underlying problems with the relationship include, starting a family, where to live, and how to manage the finances. 

#3 – There Is A Lack Of Affection

The honeymoon phase of a new relationship doesn’t last forever for most couples, but no matter how long you have been together, maintaining a degree of affection in your relationship is a must. If your partner is consistently withdrawing from you and being less affectionate, then they may have checked out of the relationship already. Truth be told, applying for a divorce could be in both of your best interests. 

#4 – You Can Imagine A Life Without Them

If you are already thinking of how life might be without your partner, this is not a good sign. Often times, people stay in relationships that they are not happy in because they are afraid of being alone. Ask yourself; if you could just be divorced in the morning and come out the other side with the custody agreement you wanted and be financially stable, would you do it? If the answer is yes, then it’s probably time for you to go your separate ways. 

#5 – You No Longer Care

Repairing a marriage takes effort from both parties. If you cannot find it in yourself to make an effort to save your marriage by going to counselling or making a real attempt to get the spark back in your relationship, then your marriage may not be worth saving. Not caring enough to even try and fix the underlying issues is a definite sign that a divorce should be considered.  

#6 – Take The Time To Make The Right Decision

When your partner is being distant, not engaging with you, and not prioritising your feelings, self-doubt can start to build quickly. Feeling devalued and unappreciated by your partner is an unpleasant feeling and these negative emotions can start to impact other areas of your life with time. There is no shame in trying to get your life back on track, so reach out to specialised professionals such as Rockwell Bates family lawyers to apply for a divorce if your partner is causing you to be unhappy, feel isolated, and unloved.

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