The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Your Dream Lashes


There’s no end to the list of products we unload our weekly pay cheque on to keep ourselves looking as fresh, fab and flawless as ever. My favourite vice is a quick walk around Sephora, which has built itself up to be a like a grown girl’s version of an irresistible candy store.

Our eyes, in particular, are where many invest significant time and effort. They’re always a tell tale sign of a late night, a big night – or a bad end to the most recent episode of The Bachelor.

More specifically, we’re always on the chase for the next thing to give us those thick, voluminous, long lashes, which have the power to magically open up your eyes whilst adding an extra touch of glamour. That’s why it’s called a mascara wand, right ladies? Well we hear you!

Scroll through our lash-bible below for the best ways to achieve the lashes of your dreams.


Credit: Allure

 #1 – False Eyelashes

Tried and true, glue on false eyelashes can be a girl’s best friend. They’re affordable, widely available, and come in any effect you’re after – from glamorous and dramatic to subtle and low-key. The only draw back is these need to be applied daily and can require a bit of practice to perfect.

We’re loving Artemes Lashes – this Aussie brand is being fluttered across Hollywood by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Rita Ora and Chrissy Teigen. These are the perfect and easy-to-apply accessory to maintain that Hollywood, red carpet look all year round.

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