How To Decorate Your Balcony For Christmas


Whether your balcony is a quiet spot to sip morning coffee or a place for sunbaking and catch ups, it’s bound to be one of the most favourite places in the home for apartment dwellers.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to look at ways you can dress up your balcony to look festive and fun for the season. Keep reading for the best suggestions to consider!

#1 – Add Some Privacy

Adding shades or blinds to a balcony is a simple way to add privacy and make the space more user-friendly, 24/7. Balcony or porch blinds let you look out while blocking the sun and they stop others from looking inwards.  

You may have the best of both worlds with shades that roll up and curtains that tie back. You can also install lattice up along the rim of the balcony. It’s easy to fit the lattice with the aesthetics of your home by accessorising it with festive lights or plants. Plants such as ivy can be trained to climb the lattice and this will provide a nice visual element and additional privacy.

#2 – Balcony Seating

No balcony or courtyard is complete without the proper type of chair. Outdoor furniture or chairs, upholstered in materials that will not be damaged by the elements, is a must if you want to use the area comfortably, and often. 

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you can arrange the furniture so it’s ideal for conversation and getting together.

If it’s big enough to host a Christmas lunch, create an attention-grabbing centrepiece on the table and place the Christmas presents and holiday treats on the tabletop. It’s ideal if your outdoor space can be considered an extension of your house. 

#3 – Balcony Accessories

An inviting and well-furnished balcony or courtyard serves as both an entrance to and an extension of your living area. Having outdoor accessories that represent your style is essential!

At Christmas time, you can use these spaces to show off your outdoor Christmas decorations whether that’s a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, inflatables, or some other festive object. 

#4 – Add Some Blooms

There’s no need to hire a landscaper when you can improve your home’s look by sprucing up your balcony or courtyard and making it more inviting yourself.

Put out flower pots and plants that can handle the temperatures of the holiday season. To add visual interest, try using a wide range of plant sizes in different-sized pots and vases. However, avoid making things too cluttered. Clustering flower vases on tabletops and wicker tables is a good trick to keep things looking stylish.

#5 – Decorate Your Front Door

If you have a balcony at the front of your home, then the front door is the focal point it, so dress it up! Paint it a fresh colour or install an eye-catching door knocker, and don’t forget to add a Christmas wreath. You can go the easy route and buy your decorations, or you can get creative and have some fun crafting something special!

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