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If you are a man reading this, then all you need to know is that women are perfect and of course they don’t sweat.

If you are human, however, keep reading…

One of my teachers in college once told me, “women don’t sweat, they perspire,” which I still believe to this day. And while the word perspire is infinity more attractive, the act of perspiring still plagues women across the country as summer fades and temperatures around continue to stay warm as we head into August. For many, the worst part of the heat is not the triple digit temperature, but rather the humidity which leaves us makeup mavens asking how do you keep your makeup from melting or “perspiring” off?

One of Cinema Secrets signature products offers an easy solution to that exact problem, Super Sealer.

Cinema Secrets Super Sealer is a completely versatile product that most people gloss over when they see it on the shelf, but it should be a staple in everyone’s makeup kit.

But what exactly is this Super Sealer and how does it work?  It’s a matte, moisture resistant sealer and antiperspirant that you can use before or after makeup.

Now it sounds great, but how does it really work for everyday makeup wear?  Here’s how to use it:

  • Before Makeup

Spray a light mist of the Super Sealer over your face (adding a bit more in heavy perspiration areas such as the hairline and back of the neck) before applying makeup then it will act as a sweat inhibitor.  In any heat or humid climate, this is the best way to help keep perspiration at bay. The light mist on the face will also act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup.  In humid areas, this helps keep the makeup from lifting off your face and moving around. The matte finish helps to eliminate shine. Super Sealer is also great to use for oily skin to keep oil from seeping to the surface of the skin as quickly, but be cautious if your skin is acne prone because it may clog pores if used without a primer.

Note: If airbrushing, Super Sealer can be run easily through any airbrush system.

  • After Makeup

A layer of Super Sealer over your completed makeup will help protect your clothing from any makeup rub-off and semi-waterproof your look.  This is especially helpful when covering a tattoo as the Super Sealer essentially cements the makeup in place. It also holds makeup in place when going to humid environments like the beach, the pool or a nightclub. The trick to apply Super Sealer is to hold the bottle 6 inches from skin and lightly mist three separate light layers, allowing about a minute to dry completely between coats.  In a rush? Use a blow drier to speed the drying process!

Super Sealer is a quick and easy step to help keep the summer sun from melting your look.  Now you can be the envy of the beach or outing by looking un-phased by the heat while everyone else is wilting.

Shop the Super Sealer HERE or contact the Exclusive Representative/Distributor for Australia Jenny at 


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