Here Are Five Upgrades Your Patio Needs in 2023

outdoor patio trends 2023

Every year brings new home decor trends. For the past couple of years, homeowners have paid renewed attention to their open areas and patios. A survey in 2022 showed that 58 percent of homeowners are leaning towards more outdoor connections in their designs. Let’s see which trends 2023 is bringing with it!

#1 – Merging Indoors and Outdoors

Seamlessly integrating the indoors with the outdoors is becoming more popular than ever. This means opening up the home to the patio by way of installing glass doors or adding a partially covered veranda with these beautiful folding arm awnings Melbourne made.

It also includes choosing furniture for the patio that’s as comfortable as the indoor furniture selection. The merging of the outdoors and indoors is making way for indoor-style plush sofas and trendy tables on the patio. 

#2 – Greek Inspiration

Nothing says “romance” like history. In 2023, Greek-inspired patios and gardens will fulfil the desire for a Mediterranean holiday in one’s own backyard.

To live the Greek romance, add statues, stone paths, columns, and archways to your patio. Blue and White are traditional colours for patio furniture, but Greek-inspired patios will pop up by adding olive green, rust, and white colour to the choices. 

#3 – Sustainable Furniture

The preservation of the Earth drives and the eco-friendly choice of everyday materials that’ll continue in 2023. Hence, people will opt for more sustainable furniture with less harmful effects on the environment.

The sustainable furniture industry is booming and it provides people with choices like bamboo furniture, recycled plastic, and rattan. People will also reuse their old furniture by breathing life into them with small changes here and there. 

#4 – Terra Cotta

Terracotta “baked earth” has been declared the colour of the year for 2023. It’s a reddish brown unglazed clay that’s typically used to make pot plant pots and tiles.

Neutral colours have dominated patio decor for some time now, but terracotta colours and materials are expected to play a huge role in patio designs next year, giving backyards everywhere a European or North African flare.

The warm and vibrant colour of unglazed clay will balance out the nude colours giving your patio a vibrant and relaxing appearance. The shift towards natural warmth might influence flower and furniture choices as well. 

#5 – Climate Resilient Plants and Flowers

Global warming is a major concern and many areas are drought-stricken; some have water restrictions and yet others have different climatic concerns.

So, people are turning towards plants and flowers that are more climate resilient and require less water. It includes research to find out which plants thrive in which geographical location, but the results are worth the effort.

You can also work with a local botanist to identify the best species of plants to survive under environmental stress in your location. This one-time energy investment will save a lot of trouble later. 

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