5 Mins With The Lady Behind The Next Cult Beauty Product

As we get older or lose weight, the volume in our skin can diminish leading to the perception of an aged appearance. New to the market is the ‘Fillume’ range of volumising products which have been specifically designed to plump out those facial contours and pesky lines without harsh chemicals or needles. We caught up with Dia Foley from Indeed Labs (the company behind Fillume) who helped dream up this cult-worthy product range…

BWA: What was your inspiration to pursue your dreams?

Having been immersed in the world of cosmetics since childhood (my mum was an Avon manager for over 25 years), the desire to give a sense of empowerment to women in a realm that is normally saturated with “perfect faces”, was a driving force in my career from the start.


BWA: Was there a particular moment in time that inspired you to develop Fillume as an Indeed Labs product? 

When I turned fifty, I decided to get in better shape. I walked 5 km a day and ate a very healthy diet. It gave me more energy and endurance but the weight loss, while not major, did cause my skin to lose volume, thus becoming a bit saggy. This was the inspiration to create products to combat facial volume loss.

Fillume and Dia Foley Indeed Labs Interview


BWA: What is one of your greatest defining moments in the beauty industry?

I would say right at this moment. Helping to develop, inspire and create cult-worthy products is a dream come true!


BWA: What has been one of your biggest career challenges?

Even from my earliest days in the working world, I faced (and learned to conquer) challenges and earned victories I thought impossible. In doing so, I learned that perseverance does pay off. You should always trust your instincts, and that sometimes to get to the next level you need to take a leap of faith.


BWA: Which beauty products can’t you leave the house without?

My hydraluron moisture booster serum, I wear under all my products, it goes on first followed by eysilix, fillume serum, and fillume volumising moisturiser. And oh yes, my favorite colour cosmetics product, concealer!


BWA: On the one piece of advice you would tell your younger self:

Life moves quickly and each day needs to be embraced, valued, and appreciated. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to live the life you’ve always wanted.


BWA: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

That no matter what challenge you face, a desire to improve what lies before you is paramount to success.


BWA: What is the most important thing that women tend to forget when it comes to skincare?

In a word, consistency! I always tell women that you didn’t get that wrinkle in one day so don’t expect your skincare to remove overnight. Daily use is what gets results!


BWA: How can fillume best fit into a current skincare regimen? 

Indeed Laboratories’™ philosophy is to create skin care solutions geared to addressing specific skin care concerns. As our skin needs change constantly, targeted treatments may provide higher efficacy, specific and faster results than multifunctional products. Targeted skin care products can be easily incorporated into a person’s already established regimen.  If you have favorite products, but find they are not working as they used to, or you have a skin concern that is not being met, adding an individual treatment product means not having to give up what you currently use.


BWA: What age group/s should be using Fillume?

This product is designed for anyone experiencing facial volume loss. Unlike other skincare brands, Indeed Laboratories’™ focuses on skin concern’s rather than focusing on age concerns.


Fillume can be purchased from Priceline


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