How To Make Your Outfits Work, For Work

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Much like occasion-wear, weddings, and the birthdays of a long-distant relative, workwear can be just as difficult to decipher. Then, there’s outfit-repeating, and enduring that morning rush of literally throwing anything and everything together, just to make it out of the door on time. We’ve all been there and to be perfectly honest, it’s a pretty tough gig! When fashion comes into play however, dressing for work can be a lot of fun – made even more so by quality pieces and the cleverest tips and tricks.

In a bid to make it work for work – we’ve compiled the ultimate workwear lowdown so you can shop and style with ease – no morning panic necessary.

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Introduce a Forever Piece

Whether it’s a handbag, scarf or a pair of open-toe mules – making sure your style is yours, is the biggest fashion ultimatum you’re going to face. When it comes to work, however, adding a forever piece to your ensemble can deter your look from appearing “too” corporate. So, think of your Gucci handbag as a buffer, working its magic in between your black blazer and stovepipe pants – ensuring your attire can translate from office to dinner, with ease.

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