How To Ruffle It Right This Season


Ruffles are flouncing across runways to the high streets around the globe. Whether it be frills, pleats, or flares, the uber feminine embellishment can be accessorised across everything from blouses, to pants, to skirts, footwear and more.

One of the reasons ruffles are so popular is because there’s a style to suit all shapes and sizes and they act as an instant statement piece, meaning there’s no need to compliment the look with additional accoutrements like jewellery or signature shoes.

Just for the frill of it, we’ve put together a guide demonstrating how the ruffle trend can flatter your best assets.

fashion ideas how to wear the ruffle trend

Credit: @cmeocollective

#1 – The Ruffle Pant

Step aside skinny jeans and tailored trousers, this season the spotlight is on the ruffle pant. With frills having already flirted with skirts, blouses and sweaters, it was inevitable that the notorious embellishment would make an appearance on pants.

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