How To Make Your Mark In The Fashion Industry

There are many reasons people are drawn to careers in the much sought after industry which is fashion. Whilst the appeal of fashion shows, boundless wardrobes, designer dresses and champagne lunches is all too real, the reality of getting there is another story altogether!

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Like any other highly competitive industry, making your mark requires strategy, determination, creativity and an unwavering focus.  And because there’s such a huge scope of roles available (what other industry spans everything from designing to styling, to PR, to logistics, retail and all in between?) there’s no perfect or easy formula for securing your dream role. Whether you choose to fine tune your skills through college, university or even through one of the stylist courses in Brisbane, there are some expert tips that will come in handy when you decide to take the next steps towards your dream job.


#1 Find an internship

No matter which form of training you decide to complete, it’s key that you get some experience via an internship during or after completing a course. Not only does being an intern provide you with first hand experience of the fashion industry but in most cases, it can lead to other opportunities and sometimes a job if you’re lucky. If you’re unsure as to the specific role you would prefer, then interning can be an excellent way of getting a taste of what is required in a number of different roles as well as helping you to find out what your specific skill set is best suited to.

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