Dress Codes: Classy Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

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Dress Codes: Don’t think of them as a loss of your fashion autonomy, think of them as a helpful sartorial shortcut.

We’ve all been there… You receive the invitation to a wedding, a party, a launch or a baby shower and there it is, the “dress code”. At first you’re annoyed, (who dares tell you what to wear!), then you’re confused (what does smart casual even mean?!) and then, you give in.

While it may feel like a hindrance at first, dress codes actually make the process of finding the perfect outfit easier, as you are now able to delete 90% of the options from your wardrobe, and/or develop a laser-focus for shopping.

Because they significantly reduce the chance of outfit embarrassment or fashion faux paus, they’re really a blessing in disguise. However, if you’ve ever contemplated a dress code with no idea what it really requires, we’re here to help.

And a tip – just in case you’re one of the more rebellious ones who plans to turn up in whatever they feel like, just remember that the host has conveyed the dress code for a reason. There could be no faster way to come off as un-classy (or worse, rude), if you choose to kick the code to the curb!

From White Tie, to Black Tie and everything in between, bookmark our dress code dictionary and you’ll never have to guess what is meant by “Smart Casual” again! 

Click through for the most common dress codes you need to know.

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Could there be a more ambiguous dress code? I don’t think so. Smart casual is like, wear almost anything you want but make sure your shirt is ironed and I can’t see your underwear through your slightly sheer pants. Go for smart separates and closed in shoes…

Essentially the invitation is just saying please look put together, neat and tidy, maybe leave your slides, low cut tops and distressed jeans for another day.

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  • Reply Anne de Theleve Saturday 27th October, 2018 at 5:03 am

    For white tie, ladies are expected to wear hair up and done, some decollete is preferred, long gloves over the elbow were required and today eventually are always.

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