5 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Rug For Your Space

how to choose a rug

Tip #2 – Measure for size and proportion

To avoid purchasing mishaps and costly mistakes, interior decorators always take the time to measure the actual dimensions of the rug’s intended space – and you should too! 

Next, think about your proportion and how the rug will work in the room. Do you want the rug to be a proxy for carpeting, or do you simply want to ‘ground’ the area under a coffee table?

Australian Rug retailer Collective Sol advise going as big as possible when it comes to floor rugs. They also say that it’s better to have your rug interacting with at least one piece of furniture to avoid the impression that your rug is ‘floating’.

Aiming to create a feeling of luxury, rather than producing a space that looks stingy or unbalanced is key.

TIP: To help the visualisation process, consider drawing a floor plan or set out newspaper pages on the floor to accurately assess the dimensions.

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