Once upon a time at the start of the smartphone golden age, there was a modest selection of simple yet useful apps for us to choose from. Fast forward to 2013 and there are more apps on the Android and Apple markets than we can poke a stick at, and debate continues to rage over whether they are actually making our lives easier, or more complicated. 

However if we narrow in on the world of fashion, apps have not just made fashion more convenient, but more accessible. There are some amazing apps available which offer fun and fabulous features, mixed in with sophisticated functionality. Although new fashion apps are always under development, here’s a snapshot of the most popular and unique apps on the market.


Stylebook ($3.99)

Although this one isn’t free, Stylebook is not your ordinary app. Since its launch, Stylebook has become one of the most celebrated additions to the fashion app market. It goes beyond merely providing you with information; it acts as your own personal closet assistant and stylist. To get started, all you need to do is snap some photos of your clothes, upload them and Stylebook will catalogue a virtual closet of your real life wardrobe for you. From the palm of your hand Stylebook can pull together chic outfits from your closet, style your items to match the latest trends, and offer you personalised fashion advice. Too easy!

Go Try It On (Free)

Do you often experience changing room cold feet? When you’re not quite sure if an outfit suits you and just want a second opinion on your look? Then look no further than the Go Try It On app, which is designed to act as your honest best friend. Simply take a snap of yourself in the new outfit in question and let stylish strangers, or your own network of buddies, give you their two cents. If your fancy yourself as a discerning fashion critic you can also offer your feedback on thousands of other users’ looks, and the brilliant blurring filter of the app allows everyone the option of staying absolutely anonymous.

WhoWhatWear (Free)

Ever find yourself drooling over the gorgeousness of outfits on the entertainment pages and wonder who/what the celebs are wearing? WhoWhatWear has got it covered as your gateway to the world of popular fashion. The app delivers detailed reports on style and beauty trends as seen on your favourite celebrities, models and fashionistas all over the world. WhoWhatWear also features model and celebrity spotlights, and many celebrities including Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba have been guest editor for the app’s online magazine.

Snapette (Free)

In the fashion app world, this is a global cult favourite. Its social media, meets fashion, meets discovery, allowing users to see what the fashion obsessed are purchasing in New York, Shanghai, Sydney to Paris through community sharing. Snapette also allows you to conveniently browse the latest products, and tells you what sales are coming to outlets near you. This app has emerged as a favourite particularly among accessories addicts, as users upload their current shoe and handbag fetishes and are able to track and ‘like’ the discoveries of others. Snapette is the finger on the pulse of global consensus on what the ‘it’ fashion items are at any given time.

The Cut On The Runway (Free)

This app is a must have for all Fashion Week connoisseurs, because within a just a few hours of a runway show, fans can browse through every single catwalk look in stunning high resolution with this iPad app developed by the expert editors at New York Magazine. The Cut On The Runway also offers worldwide designer updates, backstage beauty insights and tips, and front row and party images. The Cut doesn’t just deliver to its users the latest collections as they are unveiled but also offers an impressive archive of collections past; the app has them logged all the way back to 2002. And if you see something you love, The Cut allows you to save it, send it or share it via Facebook.

Net-A-Porter (Free)

Net-A-Porter is an app designed specifically to make your mobile shopping experience fast, easy and engaging (not that we need any encouragement!). Featuring high resolution imagery, an online magazine, and thousands of products from the world’s most coveted designers, the Net-A-Porter app places the latest trends and hottest items at your finger tips. One of the most popular features of the app is Net-A-Porter Live, which can tell you in real time what everyone is buying around the world.


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    Wow will definitely be trying some if these handy fashion apps!

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    Go try it on sounds great!

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    Going to check them out. Thanks for the list.

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