BWA Chats To: Georgia May Jagger For Sunglass Hut

I was so excited to sit down with the beautiful Georgia May Jagger, who proved to be one of the best and most humble interviewees I have ever had the pleasure of conducting. 

For one so young, and so blessed with both looks and a rock star lineage, you expect some of the airs and graces that are attached to celebrity. Not so with Georgia, who casually sits, chats and sips on a take away coffee as we prep for a round table discussion with five Australian bloggers. 

Surprisingly mature, it is clear there is far more to the youngest Jagger than just good looks. With some serious talent as a photographer, her clear poise and elocution as a spokeswoman, and her interest in travel and other cultures, there is depth behind the polished exterior that is charismatic and gravitational. 

A more refreshing, enjoyable chat with someone so widely recognized could not be had.  

I wanted to get back to your roots, and ask how you got into the world of modelling?

GMJ: Well I mean I didn’t want to do modelling when I was younger, but my mum would always tell me to, initally I was asked to do one job and then I said I would quit, then I was asked to do two  jobs and then when I got to doing thirty jobs I couldn’t really say, ok that’s it!

But I really enjoy it now,  I think I was rebelling from what my mum and my sister were doing at the time. I think doing the Hudson Jeans campaign and the cover of British Vogue changed things.

What have you been doing since arriving in Australia, have you discovered any Australian Designers?

GMJ: Well Lisa Ho, which I am wearing, and I also got some great gifts from Sass and Bide which I of course know because they are in London too, I have been to Bondi Beach twice, Surry Hills, I am going to climb the bridge today, I have been to the Aquarium, the Opera house, and the Botannical Gardens, I am really trying to fit in as much as possible.!

Do you have any style inspirations or mentors?

GMJ: Definitely my mum and sister as we always share clothes. Mum always puts outfits on and asks me what I think of them, so I have always had that relationship. I don’t look at one person. I loved the way they dressed in the seventies, mum and Grace Jones, it was so slinky though! I couldn’t imagine getting away with some of that stuff now!

Do you have some key sunglasses styles for summer here in Australia?

GMJ: I think more of the quirky sunglasses, like the Miu Miu ones. I love the cat eye shape, I think it suits almost anyone. I think it depends on your face shape though. I like the  classic RayBan in lots of colours, or a classic square shapes which Oakley do  really well.

If you were going to show us around London, where would you take us and what sunnies would you wear?

GMJ: The Natural History Museum is one of my favourite places in London, and maybe some animal print sunnies for that?

Richmond park near where I grew up, there’s deer there- which lots of people haven’t seen running wild like that.

Where I live is great, on the river, near the Borough Food Market. I would wear those metallic Dolce & Gabbana ones, because they are my new favourites

What are your plans for Christmas this year?

GMJ: Christmas I am going to spend in London, which we will spend in my house and we’ll make it all nice and cozy. Its so different here,we were talking about how funny it is that Christmas is wearing sunglasses here and having BBQ’s in the sun.

Mu mum is American so she is really upset with me that I am missing Thanksgiving,  its the first Thanksgiving I have ever missed.  We do Christmas dinner all together,l my brother is kind of the head chef and we all help out and do it together.

New Years I spend with my dad and sometimes I get to see my half brothers and sisters.

Do you have a failsafe travel outfit?

GMJ: I got paparazzied at 6:30 in the morning arriving here, off a 23 hour trip, which was really mean! Thank god I had my sunglasses. Usually I try to be as comfy as possible. recently I have been trying to dress a bit nicer. The trick is to find all these outfits, like silk trousers and silk tops which are really like glorified pajamas.

How did your relationship with SGH come about?

It started quite awhile ago they just kind of approached me to be their global ambassador Its really cool because I am doing their blog as well, which means its really exciting every month I get new sunglasses!  I have never had so many pairs of sunglasses! I get to take pictures of them and I love taking pictures, plus its nice when I am traveling to be doing a photo diary like that.

Its also nice to travel around with one brand like Sunglass Hut, so you get to see the same people and it becomes a home a way from home.

Who are some designers that inspire your personal style?

I would say Vivienne Westwood, obviously . I just did her jewellery line, shes a big inspiration of mine, as my mum always wore my clothes. I mean, boys don’t always understand them, there are some fashion things that aren’t like for them, and I quite like that. Its kind of like, what are you wearing? I’m always looking out for new designers that I love , Dominic Jones is a friend of mine and his jewellery is amazing.

Where haven’t you been that you would like to go next year?

I’ve never been to Hawaii so I want to go there. I’m actually going to Tokyo tomorrow, I am really excited about that and I haven’t been to New Zealand either. Brazil, I have been to before but I haven’t explored properly.

What are your plans for the future?

I don’t have one thing that I want to do, I change my mind all the time but I love photography so i would love to pursue that more. I’m not looking to be the most famous or make the most money in all these different fields, it doesn’t interest me like that I just enjoy working and meeting different people.

How does it feel being Mick Jagger’s daughter?

I don’t find him embarrassing at all. There was a moment when i was younger and he was telling me I couldn’t wear makeup and I was like, Dad- ok you are not one to talk! But i get where he was coming from now, he wanted me to stay young. It is really exciting to see that stuff, I love the music and I am really proud of both my parents.

Which items in your wardrobe are on high rotation?

My leather jacket, to the point to where it was quite beaten up and now its getting a bit silly! Acne ank;le boots and the Dolce and Gabbana mirrored sunglasses.

Any advice for some of our younger readers who are looking to get into the industry? 

GMJ: If they want to get into it they should stay true to themselves and enjoy being young, you often take it for granted when you are younger and you always want to be older. Its important not to change yourself, to not change the way you look, to educate yourself, that is really important.

Your favourite place you have visited and why?

GMJ: Its really hard I should say Sydney really as we are here! I have been to so many amazing places, I went to Thailand last year- the food is amazing, and it is my favourite cuisine. I am always looking, I love the Caribbean, I am spoilt with the ocean.

How do you organize your wardrobe?

GMJ: How don’t I organize it is more the question! Its hard because I am always living out of a suitcase  its all about unpacking rather than organizing! I hang up just dresses because I don’t have the luxury of hanging up anything else.

Its quite hard, I am hopefully going to by a house and my dream is to have a walk in wardrobe. You always see Cribs on TV and fantasize you know, like Mariah Carey’s one looks like a shop. Mine wont be that size but I am looking forward to that.

If you could have breakfast with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

GMJ: Oh that’s such a hard question! I think River Phoenix, because I have such a crush on him and I always said I would love to go on a date with him.  Its probably not the best answer I should have said the Dalai Lama!

Georgia May will be making a special appearance at the Sunglass Hut Floating Store in Darling Harbour from 6pm to 7pm tonight or head down on the below dates to have a shop!

Thursday 15th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 10pm
Friday 16th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 10pm
Saturday 17th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 12am
Sunday 18th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 6pm


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