BWA Chats To: Cheree, Founder of Out With Audrey

What a surprise that one of our favourite online stores is called Out With Audrey! I sat down with Cheree, Perth based founder of delightful e-boutique Out With Audrey about her business, fashion and style and life in general.

How did Out with Audrey come about?

OWA came about from a life long love of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn mixed with my current love of online shopping (in fact I could sincerely say it was borderline addiction)!

Since having my son and being unable to get out to hit the shops as much as I’d like, I turned to the keyboard and found I was spending a lot of time ‘window shopping’ online. After spending hours upon hours searching for bargains, I thought, you know – I can do this, but better.

So I did. As Audrey as my muse, I created a store that brought it’s customers the most relevant, current trends at the most competitive prices. I took inspiration from the runway and brought it to the people at a cost the wider international population can afford.

Could you fill us in on your career path?

My career journey has had very little do to with fashion. That doesn’t mean I didn’t use it to fund my shopping addiction! Throughout my time at uni, I worked in corporate jobs until finally finishing my degree as a Primary School Teacher in which I still work part-time. OWA however is becoming a full time job and full time passion that will carry me on for many years to come.

What inspires you?

It may be a tad cliche’d but my customers really do inspire me. Getting an email of thanks and gratitude and hearing from girls that are over the moon with their orders, it drives me to do better, work harder and continue to bring the best possible products to the forefront. Positive praise really is the best inspiration anyone can receive.

What do you look for when buying for the store?

When buying for the store I look for, and I hate to say it, trends! Fashion is like a relationship that your constantly cheating on. It chops and changes and is hard to keep up with so I’m constantly following online fashion blogs and major fashion houses to bring the girls what they’re going to want in two months time. I have to be two steps ahead of every trend!

Describe your personal style?

My personal style in a nutshell is classic, simple and practical. Fine lines, simple proportions and a bit of elegance. As much as I hate to admit it, I really do live in black.

What are your key picks for this season?

This season I have lived in my Out with Audrey Bat wing Leather Jacket, Bec and Bridge Sleeveless Angora Cowl Neck Sweater and (much to my husband’s disgust) OWA’s Chrissa Drop Crotch Pants – I now have 3 pairs on rotation!

Whats next for Out with Audrey

2014 is the start of our first full year! You can expect to see a lot more colour (I’m slowly training myself to incorporate more) and textures with a play on print. I hope to keep a few of our staples a permanent fixture on the site whilst incorporating a new ‘basics’ range. I expect the Sports Luxe trend to only continue so I’m looking forward to a lot more basic Tee’s and sweaters and I’m also building on our new ‘home and living’ section which will see an introduction of goodies for the home and office.

Personal style icons?

Fave style icon of all time, undeniably Audrey Hepburn. She was the inspiration behind the store and I hope I can bring justice to her name. She is the epitome of style and resembles everything I envy in a person, inside and out. She held herself with such grace and poise and always looked so effortlessly dressed.

I also look up to Vogue Fashion Editor Christine Centenera who seems to look fabulously styled in anything she puts together and girl crush Olivia Palermo, who’s femininity and girliness I can always relate too.

Fave bloggers?

I have a few but internationally my favourites are Camille Charriere from Camille Over the Rainbow for her ‘wearible’ relaxed style and Aimee Song from Song of style – her use of colour combo’s and textures inspires me to take risks every now and again.

Locally I love Kimbly Wright from Style me Yesterday. I came across her blog via Instagram and have been hooked ever since! Not only does she look fantastic in everything I’ve ever seen her wear, she’s a great advocate for current trends and a great supporter for Out with Audrey.

If you could have breakfast with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could have breakfast with anyone, it would be my late Nanna Rita. Not only did she give me the best advice about anything and everything, she had swagger and style like no other. If she could bring her wardrobe from the 50’s with her, it would also be much appreciated. I will always envy her style and miss her everyday.

Check out some of our favourite pieces from Out with Audrey below, or start shopping HERE.


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