BWA Chats To Angela & Tracey, Designers Of Lucette

Could you give us a little rundown on how Lucette was conceived?

Tracy and I have been friends for over 15 years now and love the same things in life. Travelling, great food and culture, inspirational people, family and friends. It is important as a design duo that you have the same vision for the label. We both have that nonchalant way of putting together our outfits. A little rock chic edge with the juxtaposition of femininity. Tracy and I felt there was a gap in the market for an Australian Designer Label that had our look but also at an affordable price.

Who do you think the Lucette girl is?

We have such an European French influence where our Lucette girl loves to dress up! Lucette is a dress-up box of feathers, beads, and embellished silk – an eclectic boho style that is glamorous, strong and modern. Feminine pieces juxtaposed with hard-edged pieces create a rock romance vibe. The age of Lucette girl transcends from anywhere 20 and beyond. She just appreciates great design and beautiful detailing.

What is important to you when creating a new collection?

We are always looking for newness! We are always on the hunt for the latest fabrics and print inspiration. You also have to listen to what your customer is wanting. At the end of every wholesale sell we like to take on board comments from our boutiques that stock Lucette. They are so important to us. Without them we don’t have a business. We always try to improve each collection with fine tweaks that they may have suggested and at the same time move the collection forward to ensure our customer has that newness.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from creatively?

Travel really inspires us. Experiencing new cultures, seeing the people on the streets, tasting new and amazing foods, listening to different languages, enjoying their music and how they live! Our last Lucette trip was to Sri Lanka. The people were so gentle and caring. The amazing beading and intricate lace makers whose workmanship is truly amazing. Hours of work goes into making one small piece.

Blogging is such a massive part of the digital sphere moving forward. Do you have any bloggers that you can’t get enough of?

BWA of course, Friend in Fashion, Harper and Harley, Shine by Three, My precious confessions, Fashion Toast and Style me Romy

Do you find your considerable industry experience has allowed Lucette to flourish more quickly? Is this route something you would suggest to young designers?

Tracy and I have been in fashion for over ten years before we started Lucette. We totally recommend getting industry experience to designers just starting out. It cuts out a lot of trial and error. It also allows you to understand the market as a whole. Then you will be able to work out your niche that your label will fill. It is not just designing an amazing collection there is also every other facet behind a fashion business such as sales + marketing, production, operations and accounts. We recommend working for a small business to learn a lot of different sides to how a fashion label runs. Not only must you have great design you must also understand every other component to be successful.

You design accessories as well as apparel, any plans for expansion into other areas in the future?

Our accessories were just a natural extension to our label. They have been very successful to date. With boutiques and DJs retailing them quite well. We are looking to expand via opening more retail stores in the next 6 to 12 months. We are also concentrating on building our on-line business.

What can we expect from Lucette in 2012?

Summer 2012, Modern Tribe has been influenced by eastern influences. Crossing luxe sport basics with artisanal detail and ethnic patterns. Elaborate armour like embellishment and origami style folding. Cotton lace and icy pastel hues add a feminine air to the sleeker, modern utilitarian references.

What does style mean to you?

Style does not need to mean head to toe expensive designer labels. Style should be about how you put your outfit together. We love to have a Lucette piece or two mixed back with our fav vintage jacket and topped off with our latest YSL heels!

What is the one thing you both can’t leave the house without?

Baby Flynn. Tracy is the proudest mummy ever. He is our first Lucette baby. He is the cutest baby by far. We are biased! He has been coming to the office to say hi and we just love him.

Finally if you could have breakfast with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Coco Chanel – her pursuit of effortless chic is what we forever inspire to!

Check out some shots from the amazing Summer 12 collection below.


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