Looking Back At The Best From Beyoncé


Global icon, worshipped singer, women’s inspiration, fashion tycoon, and mother to daughter Blue Ivy – Beyoncé has just introduced two new members to the Knowles-Carter family, and to the spotlight of the world. To celebrate, we are taking a look back through the life and career of Beyoncé – as told via her style.

Since coming onto the scene in her early band days with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has never drifted far from the world’s attention, but her style has undoubtedly progressed.

Always pushing boundaries in the industry, Beyoncé’s early days were defined by matching band ensembles with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams- often embellished with colours, sparkles and midriffs.

Since going solo, Beyoncé’s look has become more simplified; often donning the likes Givenchy and Versace, Bey has entered the world the high fashion (and we love it). Not straying far from her roots, however, Beyoncé continues to mix up her outfits and take the fashion world in new directions.

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#1  -Where It All Began

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