How To Build A Complete Make-Up Bag For Under $50


Sometimes there’s nothing better than splashing out and treating yourself to the newest Tom Ford lipstick or Chanel nail varnish. But while we most definitely deserve the odd beauty indulgence (or three) every now and again, our wallets may scream otherwise.

One single luxury foundation or eye shadow palette can easily set us back an eye-watering $100, but is it possible to build an entire make-up bag for less than $50 and still look like a million dollars?

We say yes it is! We’ve gathered all the products you need to build a complete make-up bag all with a single $50 note (with some change to spare!) – from a full coverage foundation, long lasting lipstick and everything in between.

Click through to see our budget beauty picks that won’t break the bank, because who said make-up needs to cost a fortune!?

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