Beauty Talk: Five Minutes With Model Kathryn Lyons

We spoke to Australia’s Next Top Model alumni Kathryn Lyons about life in the spotlight and her beauty regime. Keep up to date on Kathryn’s career here.

How did you get started in the world of modelling?

Well it all started in High school when one of my close friends wanted to enter this competition with me “Broadway on the mall” in Brisbane.

She actually didn’t get her entry in before the cut off but I was lucky enough to finish in the top 6. I hadn’t really pictured myself as a model but I was so excited that I had found something that I enjoyed and I had a lot of fun. My mum always wanted me to do deportment so I decided that I would send myself.They suggested that I do an advanced model course instead and that I also enter the competition they hold every year where I got into the top ten.

Next was “Australia’s Next Top Model”. I don’t know why I entered, and I didn’t even think I would get in but when I did it was the most amazing feeling! I went in with no game plan was totally unprepared for everything but somehow I came through it on top!

Do you have a career highlight so far ?

It would definitely have to be the experience on Top Model, there’s nothing out there that’s even close to this experience.

Have you always been conscious of looking after your skin?

My mum is a Avon lady so I’ve always had beauty products far beyond what the eye could see. It’s really about finding one that works for you, I like to change it up. If my environment changes my routine does too.

What is your ultimate beauty product?

It would have to be the Asyana Tan extender, it smells and feels amazing! Plus even if you’re not totally tanned it’s like a gradual tan build up. Perfect all-rounder.

Product you can’t live without?

Definitely has to be a good mineral makeup, even when you’re feeling down or your skin is looking not as bright as you would like mineral makeup is just so light when applied and lifts your whole mood. I love how natural it looks.

Any insider Beauty tips?

Another good product is actually coconut oil for makeup removal…it is so natural.

What is in your beauty bag?

MooGoo Organic Rosehip Oil is so good to smooth out your skin under your makeup, A good mineral makeup, Yves Saint Laurent “Radiant Touch” under eye concealer and must have is pawpaw so many uses so little time!

If you could have breakfast with anyone, alive or dead,who would it be and why?

There are a few people on my list but at the top is actually Audrey Hepburn nobody does breakfast better than Audrey!

The other amazing people on my list are Shakespeare, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Thomas Edison. The reason is I just can’t fathom what life would be without them, their lives just interest me in how they achieved so much and their imaginations and genius just astound me.

Maybe I will also just throw Oprah or Johnny Depp in the mix too. I think Oprah is just a strong influential person and Johnny well…Johnny’s swagger, he is just so mysterious. Closer to home on my list would be any of my grandpas as I never got to meet them.


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