Australia’s Top Tourist Attractions To Visit

best tourist attractions in australia

With numerous destinations to explore in the stunning and distinctive Australia, here are all the exhilarating and delightful Australia tourist attractions for your upcoming holiday!

Australia, the planet’s tiniest continent and most expansive island, is a haven for wanderers. Australia is known for its diverse wildlife and rich indigenous history. It offers a wide range of attractions, including coral reefs, lush rainforests, national parks with red soil, beautiful beaches, and expansive deserts.

Keep reading for a selection of the best tourist attractions Australia has to offer

#1 – Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge stands as a prominent architectural symbol within Australia. Commonly referred to as “the Coathanger,” this remarkable architectural marvel holds the distinction of being the largest steel arch bridge globally. The completion of the project occurred in 1932, four decades prior to the construction of the Sydney Opera House.

Standing at a height of 134 meters above the harbour, the bridge stretches across a distance of 500 meters, linking the North Shore of Sydney to the central business district. In addition to the designated pathway for pedestrians, there are two railway lines that span across the bridge. Furthermore, there are eight lanes specifically designed for road traffic, with the ability to adjust the direction of each lane as needed to accommodate the flow of vehicles.

A guided ascent to the top of the bridge is considered to be one of the premier activities in Sydney. From its peak, linked solely by a carabiner, one can inhale breathtaking 360-degree vistas of the harbor and metropolis. It is an excellent method to genuinely admire the arrangement of the urban area as one gazes out over the extensions of water that meander their way into stunning azure bays.

#2 – Carlton Gardens

The Carlton Buildings and the Royal Exhibition Building are two of the tourist attractions in Australia that have been recognised as World Heritage sites. Constructed during the 18th century, these locations are among the earliest sites that still exist as popular tourist destinations in Australia. This undeniably ranks as one of the most distinctive tourist attractions in Australia!

Activities to consider: Engage in the pleasurable experience of appreciating the flower beds, ornamental lakes, and artistic fountains. Take a leisurely stroll amidst the assortment of Mortan Bay fig trees that were planted by indigenous individuals from the local community. Explore the Melbourne museum, where you can gain knowledge and insight. Marvel at the Hochgurtel Fountain, which dates back to the Victorian era, and the circular French Fountain, both of which showcase exquisite craftsmanship.

#3 – Sea World Marine Park

Sea World stands as the most expansive marine park in Australia, providing equal amusement for both adults and children. It is an excellent amusement park that can easily provide entertainment for an entire day. Polar bears, penguins, and small sharks can be observed in the vicinity.

Activities to consider: Take a ride on the monorail to experience a panoramic view of the park; purchase tickets to witness captivating shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, and water-ski ballet. Experience the exhilarating sensation of sea-themed rides, such as a roller coaster.

#4 – Lake Alexandrina

Teeming with diverse flora and fauna, Lake Alexandrina has served as the ancestral territory of the Ngarrindjeri community for countless generations, boasting a rich tapestry of captivating historical narratives. Experience the ethereal beauty of the Coorong National Park and explore the diverse collection of lagoons found in the area. During the onset of darkness, establish a temporary dwelling adjacent to the shores of the body of water and enter a state of slumber beneath a covering composed of celestial luminaries.

#5 – Daintree National Park

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, specifically Daintree National Park located in Far North Queensland, represents one of the oldest ecosystems found on our planet. The region is under the ownership of the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal community, and numerous natural elements within it possess profound spiritual importance.

The park consists of two primary divisions: Mossman Gorge, where pristine waters flow over granite rocks, and Cape Tribulation, regarded as one of Australia’s most exquisite destinations to explore. In this location, the rainforest and reef converge, blending seamlessly with the pristine white sandy beaches of the Coral Sea. This breathtaking expanse of shoreline is among the limited locations on Earth where two of the most abundant ecosystems on the planet intersect.

The park boasts an impressive range of biodiversity, comprising over 18,000 distinct plant species and a diverse assortment of animal species. Among these are the cassowary, crocodile, magnificent Ulysses butterfly, and the elusive Bennett’s tree kangaroo. 

#6 – Kakadu National Park

In terms of wilderness regions, Kakadu National Park exhibits the finest qualities of Australia. Encompassing an area of over 19,840 square kilometers in the Northern Territory, this national park holds the distinction of being the second-largest in the world. 

In the region, one can discover monsoon rainforests, mangrove swamps, rivers, gorges, ancient rock paintings, wetlands, and waterfalls. Kakadu is also known for hosting an incredible array of wildlife species. Alongside numerous mammals, reptiles, and fish, the local habitat accommodates over 300 distinct bird species, while wetlands are inhabited by both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles.

For the purpose of exploring the various ecosystems within the park, one can opt to embark on a cruise along the waterways or engage in hiking activities along the extensive network of trails. A scenic flight is also an option that can be considered

#7 – Melbourne Chapel Street

Melbourne, a city that entices both avid shoppers and tourists, offers a plethora of exquisite shopping destinations that exude sophistication, fashion, and opulence. If one is in the mood for a delightful shopping experience, this location is undeniably renowned as one of the most well-known destinations in Australia.

Activities to consider: Explore the array of luxurious, high-end fashion boutiques, sample the offerings of top-notch restaurants, and enjoy a diverse range of entertainment options along Chapel Street. Be aware of the stylish assortments created by the regional designers on Brigade road.

crown perth

#8 – Fun for Adults

Crown Perth

Crown Perth is renowned for being a metropolis within a metropolis. Featuring a pair of hotels, a variety of dining establishments, a popular nightclub, a 24/7 casino, two performance venues, and various other amenities including a high-end spa, retail stores, pools, and an 18 hole golf course – it is rare to encounter a better playground for adults than this.

The Casino can be found alongside the Swan River, where one can also enjoy the remarkable amenities that include cycling paths running parallel to the river. Crown Perth stands as the premier casino destination in Western Australia, offering an huge array of pokie machines and a wide variety of table and card games. 

Adelaide Casino

When visiting South Australia, Adelaide Casino is the ideal destination to explore. An expansive establishment featuring numerous slot machines that are constantly refreshed to accommodate the newest game launches, ensuring that you will never be bored or have to wait for a machine.

Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino

This venue offers top-notch entertainment, dining, and bars, and is conveniently located near the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast that Australia is famous for. Each year, a staggering number of people, estimated at 10 million, are drawn to the renowned Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino. This popular destination offers reasonably priced accommodation, making it an accessible and budget-friendly choice for travellers seeking an enjoyable stay.

The popular casinos in Queensland consist of the Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane, which offers six restaurants, four bars, and a luxurious hotel conveniently located near major attractions in Brisbane. Additionally, there is Jupiters Townsville, a casino that provides a lush tropical environment, beautiful beaches, and the opportunity to use winnings for a convenient trip to the islands of The Great Barrier Reef.

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