Layering Like A Pro: The Art Of Stacking Bracelets & Necklaces

how to layer jewellery

Stacking bracelets and necklaces can elevate a simple outfit to an ensemble that screams sophistication and individuality. Let’s dive into the world of layering and learn how to do it like a pro.

Jewellery isn’t just a fashion accessory, it’s a form of self-expression. And what better way to express your unique style than by mastering the art of layering jewellery? If your attempts at layering jewellery are more chaotic than classy, keep reading for everything you need to know. 

The Basics of layering jewellery

The secret to a visually captivating layering is in the mix. For necklaces, start with varying lengths to keep them from tangling and to draw the eye along your silhouette. A choker can be paired with a princess-length pendant, followed by a longer, opera-length chain. This creates a tiered effect that elongates the neck and adds a touch of elegance. Some of the essentials to keep in mind:


  • Choose a standout piece as your centrepiece and layer around it.
  • Combine different textures and materials for a rich, varied look.
  • Use necklaces of various lengths to prevent tangling and add visual interest.
  • Match the jewellery to the occasion—simpler for formal, playful for casual.
  • Balance your look by mixing bold and subtle pieces.
  • Choose jewellery that complements your outfit, especially the neckline.
  • Introduce colour with your jewellery to brighten up neutral tones.


  • Overdo it with too many statement pieces at once.
  • Forget about proportion – jewellery should be in harmony with your body size.
  • Let your jewellery get tangled or dirty – maintain and store it properly.
  • Be afraid to mix metals – gold and silver can look great together.
  • Underestimate a single piece – sometimes less is more.

#1 – Choosing a Focal Piece

Selecting a focal piece is essential. It could be a necklace with a striking pendant or a bracelet with a standout charm. This piece should be the most eye-catching and serve as the anchor for your other layers. Once you have your centerpiece, build around it with more understated items that complement (without competing) for attention.

For instance, if your focal necklace is a large vibrant gemstone, surround it with thinner chains or necklaces with smaller beads. The goal is to enhance the main piece, not overshadow it. The same goes for bracelets, if you have a watch with a bold face, stack it with slimmer bands that add to the overall look without making it look cluttered.

#2 – Create Visual Harmony

Balance is key in layering. Pair bold items with simpler designs to keep the look cohesive. Pay attention to your outfit’s neckline and sleeve length—let them guide your choices so your jewellery complements your clothing, not competes with it.

how to layer jewellery

#3 – Layering Necklaces

The neckline of your top or dress plays a big part in determining the layering of necklaces. A simple rule of thumb is to mirror the shape of the neckline. For instance, a V-neck top pairs beautifully with a necklace that follows the same V shape, while a scoop neck might call for a shorter, rounder necklace that sits comfortably above the neckline.

Chokers, mid-length chains, and long pendants can all coexist beautifully. Incorporate different shapes and sizes, like a small round pendant with a longer, geometrically shaped piece. Personalise with charms that mean something to you for a stack that tells your story. So pull out your jewellery box, mix and match your favourites, and show the world your layered creations. 

stacking bracelets

#3 – Stacking Bracelets

For sleeves, the length and volume are your guiding factors. With long, flowy sleeves, consider wearing fewer bracelets to avoid a cluttered look. Short sleeves or sleeveless tops are perfect canvases for an armful of layered bracelets. Just be sure to balance the look—if one arm is heavily adorned, keep the other simpler or bare to maintain asymmetrical harmony.

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