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I met Alina Berdichevsky (hereto referred to as Alina B) at an early morning beauty treatment event. Whilst most attendees were trying to appear as nonchalant as possible standing around without makeup on at 8am (hopefully it wasn’t just me feeling like a fish out of water!) Alina by contrast, literally oozed some kind of radiant confidence I knew did not come out of any bottle. Talking to Alina about her wide-ranging passions and projects over the customary quinoa breakfast jars and pressed juices intrigued me muchly. A highly intuitive and depthful woman (did I mention she is also a qualified hypnotist?) I started following her fantastic website, Reviewed By AB (a self-titled “portal for prosperity and pleasure”) that afternoon.

I sat down with the lady herself to find out a little more ….

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BWA: Who is Alina B?

I am a life stylist and success coach who is passionate about living a gorgeous lifestyle everyday – and helping other women do the same.

What sort of work do you do?

I provide guidance and ideas for time-strapped women on how to beautify their life in every sense through one-on-one coaching, keynote speaking, writing and group experiences.

Who do you hope to help and inspire through your work? 

Modern women who are gorgeous, accomplished and successful, yet have forgotten – or become too busy – to indulge their spiritual and carnal senses. I hope that through the cultivation of beauty and femininity through simple things, women find the bliss that makes them utterly alluring.


What inspired you to pursue your dreams?

I was drawn to beautiful things with substance and saw the positive impact the pursuit of pleasure had in my own life. I lost weight, found my style and met my fiance – all within a year. I saw how powerful this simple route was for other women and so was inspired to share my thoughts and processes with others.

What has been one of your biggest career challenges? How did you overcome it?

For a while, I felt torn between my passion of spirituality and fashion. Then I realised they were alike, giving women a sense of transcendence from the mundane and an opportunity to express their inner beauty in many ways. By allowing them co-exist in my writing and my work, I haven’t looked back.

So you’ve worked extensively around The Art Of Being Sexy as well, what is “being sexy” all about?

A stillness and frankly, thinking about sex. You have to totally own the fact that you are a sexual being without the need to overtly flaunt it.

Meet Alina B Reviewed By AB

What is the best advice youve ever received?

Do one thing at a time. But I am yet to take it.

On the one piece of advice you would tell your younger self:

Make him wait…

What do you do on a typical day?

I lay in bed for longer than I should, write feverishly and escape for long walks. When the fancy strikes, I like dinner, dancing and date night – as well as creative excursions that can take on any form!

What is in the pipeline for you?

I am working on submissions for various magazines and planning a short segue into luxury PR

Top 5 Favourite fashion labels?

Dion Lee
Saint Laurent

What 5 people would you like to have dinner with?

Aussie luxury doyennes Suzie Stenmark, Tracy Baker, Kirstie Clements, Karin Upton Baker and Nancy Pilcher. I would just listen and learn.

Beauty product you cant leave the house without?

I never travel without my Nu Skin Galvanic Spa.

And lastly, what is the most important thing that women need to remember?  

That all good fashion is lost with a bad deportment… and that power shines through the eyes.


Alina’s website is located at and you can follow her on Instagram @reviewedbyalinab




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