8 Essential Appliances To Improve Your Commercial Kitchen

improve commercial kitchen
Investing in quality appliances like catering and refrigeration equipment will not only make working in your commercial kitchen a breeze, it’ll also give you a competitive edge.

Managing and working in a commercial kitchen is tough work. It can be especially challenging when you and your team aren’t working with the right equipment. It’s this realisation that encourages commercial kitchen owners to invest in top-of-the-range units for their business. If you’re looking to give your commercial kitchen a boost and really empower your team, consider upgrading your key items like blast chillers, under-counter dishwashers, and more.

Simplify Your Kitchen Processes

A streamlined kitchen that operates with little or no hassle is every restaurant or café owner’s dream. Essentially, there are two ways to achieve this. The first is to employ experienced and professional staff! While we can’t help you with that, we can certainly give you some tips about the second way to ease the stress in your kitchen: get the right equipment! To assist, we’ve compiled a list of useful appliances and machines that will get you started.

#1 – Blast Chillers

While many people think blast chillers are ‘nice-to-haves’ rather than essentials, the reality is they are excellent at keeping food and drinks chilled AND they play a role in keeping your dishes free from bacteria.

Sometimes referred to as flash freezers, blast chillers serve to lower food temperature faster than regular freezers. Using a blast chiller means you can instantly chill freshly made ice creams, desserts, sorbets and salads a few hours before they need to be served which cuts down on the prep time. Rather than freeze foods, blast chillers cool the air around the food, keeping it fresher and preventing sogginess.

#2 – Under-Counter Dishwashers

Another item that many people regard as a nice-to-have rather than an essential is a dishwasher. While it’s true that dishes can be washed by hand, this is not only time-consuming but also uses a considerable amount of water.

It’s a good idea to invest in a smaller, under-counter dishwasher if you don’t have the space for a larger, industrial unit. Under-counter models are not only compact but also ensure that your sinks are free to rinse veggies, glasses and anything else that needs to be rinsed in a hurry.

#3 – Ice Makers

One of the more annoying aspects of visiting a restaurant or café is being told that there’s no ice! Ice crushers are ideal for ensuring your customers can enjoy icy cool drinks whenever they want to. Another plus point of investing in an ice crusher is that you can create ice to add to your display sections where you store fresh meat and even fruits and veggies. It’s an instant way to keep your food fresh for longer.

#4 – Convection Ovens

Providing evenly cooked food is a must for your kitchen if you want your customers to make more frequent visits. In addition to cooking food faster than traditional ovens, with a convection oven there’s no need for constant stirring or turning, freeing your chef’s hands to work on other prep.

Convection ovens are ideal for most cooking which includes roasting and baking dishes such as casseroles, vegetables and even pies and cookies. Some convection ovens can be used for air frying.

#5 – Deep Fryers

When you’re considering a deep fryer, take into consideration the amount of food on your menu that will need to be fried. In some instances, you may need a deep fryer that can handle multiple batches at once. This is especially the case if you’re frying meat, fish and potatoes at the same time.

#6 – Cutlery & Tray Trolleys

A quick and easy way to keep counters and workspaces tidy and free to work on is to invest in a cutlery and tray trolley. These trolleys have shelves where you can store cutlery, plates and other glassware until you need it.

Keep in mind that different-sized trolleys each have a different quantity of shelves, which makes it easy to choose the best one for your kitchen needs. It’s a good idea to opt for stainless steel as it’s durable and easy to clean.

#7 – Plate Warmers

A reliable plate warmer is essential to keeping food at the perfect temperature while it’s en route to be served. This will reduce running around to warm food that may have gone cold already. As with the trolleys, plate warmers come in different sizes and heat capacities. Be sure to opt for one that matches your kitchen requirements in terms of floorspace and how many patrons you serve on a daily basis.

#8 – Benchtop Mixers

Benchtop mixers are excellent for a variety of functions such as everything from blending soups to mixing dough for bread and desserts. As with most of the other appliances on this list, benchtop mixers come in a variety of sizes, so finding the model most suited to your kitchen’s needs will be easy.

Final Thoughts

In addition to providing top-notch service, your next major goal if your running a cafe, restaurant or catering business should be to make your kitchen processes as streamlined as possible. In part, that means choosing the appliances and gadgets that your kitchen will benefit from the most.

You’ll be happy to learn that many of these appliances are available in different price ranges, depending on their sizes and capacities. With different price tags, you’re guaranteed to find the best model for your kitchen and your budget!

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