7 Tasty Tips For Cooking With Chicken

how to cook chicken
There are endless possibilities when it comes to chicken recipes, it can be grilled, baked, or roasted, and it’s also great for making soups and stews. Here are seven tasty tips for cooking with chicken that will have your taste buds singing.

There’s a reason chicken is the most popular meat in the world, almost every culture has chicken recipes and it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like chicken! It’s not only delicious, it’s a very healthy meat that’s an excellent source of protein, and is low in fat and calories. If you’re looking for ways to turn chicken dinners into something special we’ve got everything you need to know.

#1 – Choose the right chicken 

The most overlooked aspect of cooking with chicken is the quality of the meat you are using. You should ensure you’re sourcing the highest quality fresh Australian poultry as it will have an impact on taste.

If you want optimal flavour and texture, try to find organic, free-range chickens. These are more expensive than other chickens but the added expense is worth it for the improved taste and nutrition.

#2 – Marinate your chicken

If you really want the flavour to pop and avoid the tasteless rubbery version of chicken we all hate, then marinating your chicken is a great idea.

For boosted flavour, try marinating your chicken overnight in a mixture of herbs and spices. You can get creative and start experimenting with different marinades for unique flavours.

#3 – Season your chicken 

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh herbs to enhance the texture and flavour of your chicken dish, this step is often overlooked. Including fresh herbs will add an amazing depth of flavour to any meal, so try adding some freshly chopped parsley, rosemary or thyme when you are roasting or grilling your chicken.

#4 – Don’t overcook your chicken

No one likes overcooked chicken, the worst thing you can do is leave your chicken cooking too long as it turns hard and rubbery. You should cook your chicken on medium heat and ensure that the inside remains soft and juicy.

If you want to be completely sure then check the internal temperature of your chicken with a meat thermometer – cook it until the internal temperature reaches 75°C. This temperature is ideal for the perfect texture of chicken, so make a point of sticking to it next time you’re in the kitchen!

#5 – Get a little creative with your recipes

Unlike other meats with a strong flavour, chicken is mild and very versatile – many flavours work well with it. You can add some ingredients to your chicken recipes to transform the flavour, such as adding a splash of white wine, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, or even some chopped nuts to to give it an extra boost. 

#6 – Invest in good cookware 

Investing in quality cookware will make all the difference when it comes to cooking with chicken. Make sure you have a high-quality skillet and baking tray that are made from non-reactive materials like stainless steel or enamelled cast iron.

While this is often overlooked you’d be surprised by the difference that investing in quality cookware can truly make for chicken and all food for that matter, so don’t cheap out. 

#7 – Let chicken rest before serving 

Another important tip when it comes to cooking chicken? Don’t serve it right away – like most meats, it’s best to let it rest before serving. It’s recommended to let your cooked chicken sit for 10 minutes before cutting it up which will allow the juices to settle, resulting in moist and juicy pieces of meat every time. 

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