6 Reasons Why Your Property Needs An EV Charging Station

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To many Australians, the thought of owning an electric vehicle, or EV, is very enticing. In addition to being environmentally friendly and low maintenance, they’re also proving to deliver excellent performance.

The only drawback is – how does one deal with the challenge of keeping it charged! Since the best way to charge your EV involves connecting a type 2 to type 2 EV charging cable at a charging station, it means you’re often left standing in long lines or having to drive out of your usual route to get your vehicle charged. However, there is a simpler way to keep your EV moving.

Home Charging Stations are a Must-Have

ev home charging station

You wouldn’t drive out of your way simply to charge your mobile phone every day. So, why do it with your EV? There are several reasons to invest in a home charging station for your new car. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

#1 – Home Charging Is Considerably More Convenient

It’s estimated that an average of 80% of EV drivers prefer to charge their vehicles in the comfort of their own homes. This is because it’s convenient and eliminates the stress of looking for a charging station after a long day at work.

Since charging your EV works on the same principle as charging your mobile device, it can easily be done overnight once you return home. Opting to have an EV charger at home enables you to charge your vehicle during your downtime without adding another chore to your to-do list.

#2 – They’re More Cost-Effective

While the cost of driving an EV is much cheaper than a gas vehicle per kilometer, the cost of charging at public charging stations can really add up if you’re travelling a considerable distance to work every day.

Installing a home EV charger at home is the ultimate way to keep costs down, especially since electricity costs are much lower at a home charger than at a public charging station. This is because public charging stations don’t charge a straight amount for electricity as they need to factor in their own overheads and profit margins.

While it’s true that there are public charging stations at malls and restaurants, the average driver is also more likely to spend money inside these facilities while their vehicles are on charge. Not really free then is it?

#3 – Have a Healthier Battery

Many new EV users are unaware that frequent overcharging can actually do more harm than good to your battery. Our experts suggest charging your EV battery to 80% or below to ensure that the battery isn’t overcharged.

It’s recommended to charge your battery to the suggested 80% during one session rather than several short bursts of charging at various charging stations during your week’s journeys about town.

#4 – Home Chargers are Typically Faster

A properly certified home charger that’s also professionally installed will be able to charge your EV battery to the recommended 80% capacity within anywhere between 45 minutes and seven hours.

Therefore, many of them can do it a lot faster than the free charging stations situated around Australia. While there are fast charging stations, it’s important to keep in mind that they can be expensive.

#5 – Typically More Predictable

Few things are as frustrating as waiting in a long line for your turn at a public charging station only to find that it’s suddenly faulty! Using a home charging unit allows you the opportunity to plug your EV in at your convenience and even program it to charge while you sleep. And you’re the one that will maintain it and make sure it’s always working when you need it!

Doing this will give you the peace of mind that your EV’s battery will have the necessary range in the morning. On average, a Level 2 charging station should be able to give you a range of about 400 kilometers, depending on the type and age of the battery. (This can easily be confirmed with your manufacturer before purchase).

#6 – Increases Property Value

With many Australians switching to EVs, having a home EV charging station will instantly improve the value of your home. Future buyers will find the prospect of a home EV charger very appealing if they’re already EV owners.

In fact, it’s a huge selling point to use when you start advertising your home. Keep in mind that you will be able to ask a higher resale price, which means you will eventually be able to recover the cost of the initial installation.

For homeowners who want to rent out their property, it’s worth noting that potential renters may be prepared to pay a higher rental to have access to the convenience of a home charging station.

Final Thoughts

You’ve made the great choice to reduce your carbon footprint. Now, speak to your EV manufacturer about installing a charge point at your home and in the process avoid long queues and the risk of being late for appointments because you drive around looking for an available charging station. EVs are designed to make driving better not only for the environment but for you too! This is how you get the optimal experience!

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