Health: 6 Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

benefits of filtered water

While drinking bottled spring water is great, it isn’t without its drawbacks. These days, many people have dumped their disposable bottled water in favour of water filters which offer the benefits of pure water at your fingertips without the costly outlay to your bank balance – or the planet.

It’s estimated that half the population now has a water filter fitted in their home, for some countries it’s a matter of necessity, but for others it’s just sensible! From clearer skin to improved mental clarity, the benefits of drinking filtered water are many.

If you’re sceptical about the health benefits that a water filter offers, keep reading for everything you need to know.

benefits of filtered water

#1 – Eliminating of Chemicals

Did you know that chlorine and fluoride are actually added by the water board during the treatment process? No? Well you’ll be pleased to know that water filters eliminate these. 

Chlorine is added to kill bacteria in the water, and while it’s very effective, it can also cause health issues in humans, particularly with your respiratory system. This is likely to be worse if you suffer from allergic reactions. Alongside this, fluoride is added. Established research suggests it is beneficial for strengthening teeth and bones, however, more recent research suggests a link between fluoride and an increased risk of cancer. If you’re not keen on the idea of ingesting these two chemicals daily, then  eliminating these with a water filter is a good idea.

Whether you choose a carbon filter or a reverse osmosis water filter, both are very effective at removing contaminants.

#2 – Nutrient Absorption

It’s well known that water plays an important role in your body – it flows into cells carrying nutrients and flows out removing toxins. The purer the water, the better it will be at carrying nutrients. Drinking high-quality water actually helps your body to absorb nutrients, and thus, it will improve your body’s ability to perform!

#3 – Weight Control

Because your body likes to maintain a constant core temperature, drinking cold water forces your body to heat the water before it is processed. The process of heating the water and absorbing it into your body actually causes an increase in your metabolism, and this is likely to increase your energy levels. It will also help you to burn excess calories and prevent you from gaining weight. Combined with exercise and a sensible diet the filtered water can actually encourage weight loss.

#4 – Skin Health

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it needs water to promote collagen production. Collagen helps your skin retain its elasticity and look plumped and full. Although drinking any kind of clean water is good for your skin, if you drink filtered water you’ll be cutting down on contaminants that your body shouldn’t be absorbing.

#5 – Holistic Health

Drinking filtered water instead of bottled water reduces the vast amounts of plastic waste that the average person already disposes of annually. By switching to filtered water you’ll be taking steps to help the environment. In effect, this can reduce the stress you’re under to help the planet, making you feel healthier both mentally and physically.

Of course, water also encourages your brain to function better as it improves nutritional flow. It can also help to decrease the likelihood of age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s.

#6 – It Tastes Better

It’s a given that filtered water tastes better than polluted and chemical-laden water from your faucet. Once you notice this you’ll never go back to the old stuff! Because water is essential to your ongoing health, the more you drink the better you will feel. 

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