5 Tips To Choosing The Best Outfit For A Music Festival

music festival outfit ideas

Choosing the perfect outfit for a music festival isn’t a straight forward thing. You need to blend the right look with comfort so you can have the freedom to move around easily and maintain confidence.

Going to the first music festival of the season is always a memorable event, and you probably began gathering inspiration for the best outfit some weeks – of not months, in advance. If you’re going to your first music festival, or just looking for some advice, this article is here to help.

Here are 5 tips for choosing the best festival outfits.

#1 – Always consider comfort

Going in an eccentric outfit is a big yes for a festival, as long as it doesn’t stop you from actually having a good time. To ensure you’ll look amazing without imposing any limitations to your body movements, consider these things below. Once you have these, you have the fundamentals done right.

The fabrics of the outfit – stretchy lycra and pliable spandex are amongst the most comfortable options out there.

The designs and cuts – what you wear should make you feel self-confident and sexy without being restricted in your movements.

The size of your clothing – even if the ideal outfit is sold out in your size, don’t be tempted to grab it anyway in another size. In the majority of cases, what you wear still needs to fit properly ie, not too tight, not too large.

festival outfit ideas

#2 – Dare To Stand Out!

Festival fashion is nothing like everyday fashion, so feel free to take advantage of the situation and let your creativity run wild. Printed fashion, old school indie picks, bright UV-reactive clothes, or futuristic robot costumes are all fine. You can’t go wrong in a place where everyone is having fun with self-expression.

To make your festival an event to remember, experiment with colours, patterns, motifs, cuts, and footwear – it’s all fine as long as it feels fine.

#3 – Pick the Right Size

As we already mentioned above, bad sizing can ruin your entire outfit. Not only will it look bad, it might feel uncomfortable and ruin the day. Here’s what to follow when picking the best size of clothing for your summer festival:

If you are shopping offline, always try your garments before buying them. If shopping online, always check the size guide and size tables before checking out. If there are none visible, email customer service or choose another item elsewhere.

Whatever your choice, shop in advance and don’t wait until the last minute, especially if you are shopping online where delivery times can take unexpected turns for the worst, leaving you with nothing.

Every retailer has an exchange or returns policy, so make yourself aware of it before purchasing, and be diligent in using it if you accidently buy the wrong size. Alternatively, you might want to order your chosen outfit in 2 sizes, to give yourself the best chance of sizing success and less chance of ending up empty handed.

#4 – Accessorise Wisely

Festivals go ahead rain, hail or shine, so there are a few “must-have” accessories for a summer festival to help you be prepared for what nature has to offer. These include:

A sun-protective hat, especially if the festival goes for multiple hours throughout the day. A pair of sunglasses (given) to not only look good but keep out pesky dust particles. A comfy bag to store little belongings, such as your phone and your wallet. A bandana to protect you from the dust once the wind kicks in (it can also double as a face mask). In 2021 most event organisers will ask you to wear face protection, so this is the perfect way to tailor it to your outfit.

Another tip is to review the official recommendations from the event organisers themselves. They often provide additional instructions on wearing a face mask, weather-related accessory advice, and everything else that might be important for the event.

#5 – Layer Up

Finally, make sure you’re ready to feel good during any type of weather condition. It’s always wise to bring a wet-weather poncho in case things go wild out there. Go for the smallest one possible, or else make sure your bag is big enough to store your jacket when you’re not using it.

If you’re feeling inspired for your next festival outfit, start browsing more festival outfits ideas, and you’ll be ready to party like a pro!

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