5 Tips To Choose The Prom Dress That Suits You Best

how to buy the best prom dress

Since its invention in 1928, promenade, commonly known as ‘prom’, has been celebrated by millions of people young and old. The one thing common to all proms? Everybody always wants to look their best for this exciting occasion!

If you’re looking for tips on how to choose the best prom dress, then help is at hand. This article will walk you through 5 practical and easy-to-follow tips when choosing the ideal prom dresses.

How to choose the best prom dress

body shape types

#1 – Determine your body shape

To successfully shop for the best prom dress, you need to first understand your body shape. The most common body shapes are described as pear, apple, hourglass, an inverted triangle, rectangular or a vase body shape. Knowing what body shape you have will impact what type of dress will look best on you, and you can narrow down the choices accordingly.

#2 – Figure out your face shape

Your face shape is also of huge importance when it comes to looking for the perfect dress as it helps determine the type of neckline the dress should have.

For instance, if you have a round face, you might want to avoid choosing dresses with round necklines. Instead, to balance out the round shape, consider shopping for dresses with a V-neck, sweetheart, and empire necklines. Sabrina, sweetheart, and cowl neck styles best suit an individual with a square face.

If you have an almost oval face shape, then according to experts, you can choose any type of neckline without worrying if it will suit you or not (lucky!).

#3 – Find the right texture 

The type of fabric and the texture used to make a dress will also have a big influence how the dress will look. For instance, prom dresses designed with silk, lace, or chiffon textures have a sophisticated vibe. Shiny fabrics, sequins and prints tend to have a much more fashion-oriented aesthetic.

You also want to ensure that the fabric is right for your body shape. For example, clingy fabrics may not work so well for apple shapes, in which case you might want to opt for fabrics which skim the body.

#4 – Know which dress colour will suit

Colours have a way of individualising a person – they can add a touch of classic elegance, or they can make any outfit look decidedly on-trend. So, knowing which colour will best complement your skin colour and personality is another important factor when choosing the best prom dress.

For instance, if you want to go for a sophisticated and classic look, consider a dark navy or a black dress. For a bubbly party look, consider purchasing a pink, purple, silver, or pastel dress. And if you want to look glamorous and confident, then a gold or metallic prom dress will make the ultimate fashion statement.

#5 – Splurge for the perfect prom dress

After determining what your face and body shape is, and the texture and colour of dress you want, then you’re pretty much ready to confidently purchase the best prom dress.

If you have an hourglass body shape, then consider buying perfectly fitting mermaid prom dresses to maximise your waist-hip ratio.

A dress with spaghetti straps is an ideal fit if you have a pear-shaped body as it works to draw more attention to your collar bones.

An A-line dress will best suit someone with a rectangular body shape. This style of dress helps you achieve an ideal balance between your top and bottom by defining your waist and making your legs look longer.

If you have a prominent chin, forehead, jawline, and cheekbones, then consider going for a V-neck dress to elongate your neck area.

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