Here Are The 5 Signs Your Life Requires A Makeover


2. “Ughh I wish I could do my [insert facial feature] like that…”

Most of us have at least one friend who inherited enough hair and makeup skills that they’d easily be able to set up their own business. And lucky for me, my friend (or as I like to call her, my makeup artist in shimmering highlighter) is always more than willing to grab the reigns during my meltdowns. My gradual build up in confidence mirroring that of the amount of product on my face….

But unfortunately like most quick fixes this one won’t help in the long run. Instead maybe we should be asking them for some tips on how to perfect that particular feature, attend a short makeup course or perhaps try different brands to find the product that works best for us… who knows it could all be down to the angle of our brushes or thickness of our liner.

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