5 Reasons Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are A Lady’s Best Friend

lab grown diamond sydney

How does a man buy something for a woman who appears to already have everything? The answer is usually, jewellery. Keep reading to learn why a gift of lab grown diamond jewellery makes the perfect gift for the lady in your life.

Buying gifts can be tricky, and buying meaningful ones that the recipient will adore can be even harder! This is where lab grown diamonds come in.

Retaining all of the beauty of traditional stones, (but without the high cost to the earth and your pocket), giving a piece of jewellery which includes the highest quality lab grown diamond Sydney is a a no-brainer.

Keep reading to learn why lab grown diamonds are bound to be your lady’s best friend.

lab grown diamond sydney

#1 – The diamonds exude vibrant energy

Jewellers working with dazzling lab grown stones know exactly how to get the most from their creations, which will mesmerise anybody by their quality and style. Like traditional diamonds, there is a variety of shapes and sizes of stones to choose from. You’re bound to end up with a piece of jewellery the recipient will fall in love with.

#2 – They’re innovative 

The innovation and techniques that have gone into the creation of lab grown diamonds are of such a high standard it is impossible for the human eye to distinguish between a lab grown and natural diamond. On top of that, the artistry of the jewellers who create with the stones produces incredibly refined pieces that you may not find everywhere else.

#3 – A smart investment 

Whether you’ve created a special solitaire ring with a halo setting, a pair of earrings or a stunning pendant, these meticulously crafted items offer a timeless charm. Many buyers may even see such items of beauty and elegance as a smart investment when compared to the outlay of buying similar jewellery with natural stones.

#4 – Endless choices

Rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets show off the diamonds to their full effect. whether it’s a stunning intricately designed cuff, or a pair of glamourous chandelier earrings, buyers are only limited by their imagination when creating jewellery with lab grown diamonds. Every piece of beautifully crafted jewellery will be cherished and admired thanks to the skills and time taken to produce a perfect piece every time.

#5 – The diamonds are real

Lab grown diamonds are 100% real, and carry the same properties as a natural diamond, with only specialised equipment being able to tell them apart. Cutting-edged technology creates the stones, rather than through heat and pressure under the earth’s surface, which provides the only difference.

However, there is a big difference in price, both to your pocket and the planet, with lab grown diamonds being a far more affordable option and much more sustainable than traditional diamonds.

A lab grown diamond created into a masterpiece by a jeweller of distinction offer elegance and beauty of the highest quality. They provide the perfect gift or investment that the lady in your life is certain to love.

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