Life Down-Under: 4 Reasons To Become an Aussie Citizen

Reasons To Become an Aussie Citizen
Being Australians ourselves, it’s easy to become blasé about all of the wonderful things being an Australian citizen entitles you to. If you’re thinking of embracing Australia as your permanent home, here are some of the biggest advantages…

Australia notably welcomes immigrants – the Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony alone awards citizenship to thousands of people from all around the world who have asked to call Australia home.

Oftentimes, people have come to Australia for work, or to start a business, and they spend several years in the country somewhat unexpectedly. Before long, these visitors start to feel at home in our home, and make the decision to try and stay here permanently if they can. If you’ve been living in Australia for at least four years and are thinking of embracing it as your permanent home, then you’re entitled to apply for Australian citizenship too.

Here are some of the key advantages you can enjoy once you’re an Aussie citizen.

Reasons To Become an Aussie Citizen

#1 – Travel Will Become Easier

It’s true that if you have a permanent residency visa you can stay in Australia for as long as you like. But a permanent residency isn’t all that convenient if you have to travel outside of the country, as you’ll be required to re-apply for your resident return visa every five years.

You’ll also have to go through a complex process of re-entry any time you have remained outside of Australia for longer periods. All things considered, applying for an Australian citizenship makes moving around the globe considerably easier. Not only will Australian citizenship allow you to travel hassle-free in and out of the country, but you can stay away for as long as you want as well.

#2 – Visa-Free Travel to 168 Countries

If you happen to have a natural passport that doesn’t allow you to travel to a lot of countries without a visa, then this is an advantage for you. Holding an Australian passport gives you visa-free travel to 168 countries, which is basically all the countries of the world – except a few!

Forget about appointments at the relevant embassies and going through a lengthy visa process. With an Aussie citizenship and passport, you will be able to travel to the vast majority of your chosen destinations easily. To get started, fill in application form 1300t and soon enough you’ll be invited to take a citizenship test after your application is reviewed.

#3 – Access to Government Jobs

Similarly to Point #1 above, a permanent residency will enable you to apply for most types of employment. But there are certain jobs, mostly government jobs, such as Australian defence, border force, Federal Police and the department of foreign affairs and trade, that only Australian citizens are entitled to apply for. Along with a degree of prestige, these kinds of government jobs provide additional benefits and security.

#4 – You Can’t Get Deported

It may sound dramatic, but deportations happen every day. One of the biggest advantages of having Australian citizenship is that you can never get deported.

People who are living on a Permanent Residency visa in Australia will certainly still be able to enjoy a lot of benefits, but they can still get deported under certain circumstances. These instances include: If a person has received a prison sentence that exceeds 12 months, if a person has failed the character test, or if the person is considered a threat to national security.

If you’re thinking of applying for Australian citizenship, these points are only the tip of the iceberg! Australia welcomes people from all walks of life and you’ll be amazed at the immense opportunities available once you settle in here.

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