3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying CBD In Australia

can you buy CBD in australia

With its wide range of benefits and few negative side effects, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid substance, CBD is becoming a big hit and it’s taking over Australia’s nootropic and therapeutics market.

There is a lot of help online, like here, to guide Australians through buying this newly-found, newly-legal substance, but keep reading to learn the 3 most important things you should know before buying CBD in Australia.

#1 – How much CBD do I want to consume?

Before buying CBD, you want to know how much you want to consume and the dose you’ll be taking. Dosage differs depending on your previous experience and what treatment you’re after. For example, treating nausea from cancer drugs may require a higher dose than someone looking to subdue anxiety. But, you should check with a doctor to help settle on this.

#2 – What CBD product is right for me?

Knowing how much you want to take is important to figure out before knowing what product is right for you. There are a variety of ways to consume CBD, from face cream to dropping oil under the tongue.

If you’re going to have a small, fixed amount each day and don’t like the taste of the oil, then CBD gummies could be ideal, there are variety of gummies like delta 9 gummies, and you can buy delta 9 gummies online, as you simply take one or two in the morning – and the same goes for capsules.

However, if you want more control over changing the dose, oil is ideal, and it has the fastest absorption too. You can drop it into tea, coffee, or salad dressing to disguise the taste.

If you want a localised application of CBD, perhaps for acne on your face or knee pain, you may want a cream to apply to that specific area. The dosage that is absorbed into your body is likely less than the straight oil, but everybody is different, and having a local cream to reduce inflammation on that part of your skin could be the perfect solution for you.

#3 – Is it legal to buy CBD in Australia?

The answer to this is somewhat yes and no. In short, it’s legal, but there are regulations.

CBD oil is a schedule 4 cannabis-based product. It’s legal to purchase, but only as long as a registered doctor provides you with a prescription. However, in early 2021, it became legal for CBD/cannabidiol products to be purchased over the counter without prescription, but only at pharmacies – and they must only have 4500mg or less per pack of CBD.

Products made from cannabis must be TGA-registered, unless it’s in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Certain CBD products are Schedule 3, not 4, meaning they can be purchased over the counter. These are to be sold with a daily dose of under 150mg of CBD, and cannot be higher than 2% cannabinoids.

It’s a question that can definitely be confusing, but generally, having a prescription is the best way to gain access to the most amount of choices for your CBD needs. And, with over the counter medicinal cannabis oil being legalised, the total acceptance and accessibility for CBD in other areas is the most likely outcome in the near future.

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